Big Priest - Again! Fix WILD!


I will give you the benefit of not knowing about my ongoing feud with the OP.

I believe the OP is a smart and intelligent player; and a pathological liar and swiftboater.

The issue I brought up was a misrepresentation of the Wild experience which is a common theme for him in his campaign to get BP nerfed.

I will repeat it for you. I think that misrepresentations of the Wild experience are more damaging than the actual damage BP is doing. Of course that bit is my opinion since facts about what keeps more people from playing Wild are not collected somewhere in VS or HSREPLAY.


I see, fair enough. I’m not a commoner here in forums. I just play the game. I don’t come here everyday and whine about everything; I’m past that.

I’m also experienced enough to realize that this talk of calling any wild deck to be nerfed is nonsense. Blizzard only takes action if it proves to be a) really oppressive and b) involves neutral cards that several classes can take advantage of (e.g. Giants with Naga Sea Witch)

Big Priest is secluded in that, it’s tricks can only be employed by class cards (spellstones, resurrects and servitudes). That’s why Blizz hasn’t touched it.

I completely gave up on wild, seriously. I will never touch it until BP gets nerfed. I suggest everyone to do the same if they don’t want sour experiences. Every game a priest is involved leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

And this comes from someone who made past rank 5 on wild several times. I have tried ANYTHING one can think of to counter them. Even go as far as including Mad Summoner.

The only reliable way to make them suffer is by playing Mill Rogue. (They instantly concede once they realize you are playing mill rogue) Other method is treachery + hound warlock to discard their hand but it’s super unreliable. You can imagine how much I hate big priest.


Mill Rogue, you say?


Avianna and Raza say hi (Raza and Patches were nerfed for Wild according to the notes). I’d also argue FTT was nerfed, in the very least, due to Even Shaman in Wild.

As for Big Priest it is the driver of the meta but it isn’t the best deck imho and Blizzard’s data confirmed this pre-RoS. With that said I want the dynamic to be shaken a bit but I’d prefer to see the graveyard mechanic as a whole revisited as that appears to be a class identity for Priest moving forward.


BP has been upgraded by ROS.

ROS also resulted in there being a multitude of off meta Res decks that are weaker than BP and with lower win rates, but similar enough that it might be difficult for a data collection tool to tell the difference.

These “BP light” decks present the biggest danger in properly showing the performance of a fully optimized BP, and lead to incorrect conclusions by Dean.

We need to get everyone on board about this so that the messaging is accurate and the issue is fully understood by Blizzard. This is also why I denounce poor messaging like the OP.


It ‘s unbelievable that odd Paladin got the crap nerfed out of it and resurrect priest has had nothing nerfed! This one deck is the WORST deck ever. There’s no response for it other hyper aggressive or rogue. PLEASE Blizzard fix this crappy deck!


Similar to this thread let’s make it happen!!!


This makes me sad because I’m going into 8 now.


Pathological liar and swiftboater?

To support your own argument you’d rather make the whole thing personal? What kind of argumentation strategy is that exactly?
Also: Ungoing feud? Because we have differences in opinions? Don’t you think that you take this cardgame a little too serious? At least I can’t remember calling you names personally to fuel my personal arguments.

My campaign? Don’t make me laugh. The only thing I’m “campaigning” for is to see something else than Big Priests all the time. Do I want a BP nerf? Yes, I do badly. Why? Because I can’t see the same deck over and over anymore. As I said in my firt post: In my last match I played control and kept everything off his/her graveyard until turn 9 only to still lose because he sent a 1/1 Yass copy there himself and suddenly had 3 full copies after that that summoned other big stuff.

Oh and something else: If you lose an argument against someone presenting you with facts around the stuff I said, don’t shift persons, that’s just weak.


You cannot fix what isn’t broken.


Big Priest, broken or not, needs to change. Wild will die if it doesn’t, but that’s in Blizzards best interest anyway.

2 years of this crap is more than enough, for the health of the format it’s gotta change.


It has already started.
I play on european servers and I face the same players over and over. Sometimes there are only 2-3 different players in the mix in Non-Ranked Wild Play mode - and currently most of them are BP (or at least that’s my experience over the last few months).
If anyone new tries the format and goes against BP in their first matchup, can you blame them for leaving as quickly as possible? All they see is legendary minions that snowball into full boards of crazy-powerful stuff.


wild is amazing, 30 matches, 30 different decks, except of course for big priest.

the only deck that you see more than once in a run. A toxic deck with no interactions and which decides ALMOST EVERYTHING by RNG.

most toxic deck ever, still alive in wild, im starting to think that blizzard dont want wild to be funny, otherwise some standar players might change and stop giving money because wild is cheaper.

to those saying that it ain´t broken. 1. yes, it is broken. 2. if it wasn´t, it will be still a problem, that amount of toxicity is bad for the game even if you are tier3, but big priest is not tier 3 at all.


I am ranked 5 for two months in EU Wild,and pushed last month rank 2.I have to say Big prist is one of the lower decks too see from rank 5.

Seems to me you are playing one of those greedy decks and you get outvalued faster (thoe a lock would have a word with you).Not only that but playing a mage(polymorph) or shaman(hex,devolve) severly hurts big prists,not only that adding kazzak with bran does wonders i have those in my highlander wild mage decks.

But thats not even the problem most wild decks are pirate rogue,odd paladin and token druids,mech hunter and locks if you are looking for that fast climb down the ladder.Also i have good odds with murlock shaman against big prist.As i said it gets tricky after in rank 5(no win streaks)

If you ask me the problem is not Big prist the problem is blizzard using telemetry to track wins and your decks then place you in awful situation.The system is rigged in short( just try to think if you ever had 4+ win streaks,and how many times…i cant remember if i had proper one in the last year 2x)

If anything i hate burn rogues the most in Wild.Not even Shader shaman wich you counter easy by dirty rat.(as long is i play my highlander Wild mage deck)


I think the big takeaway here is that Priest should cosplay more like Valeera, just like Big Rexxar should.

Like Priests should be able to combo shrinkmeister into Ysera right like days of old? Priests should be able to combo Shadowcards and healing cards that same turn right?

Even a trip-card like Shrinkmeister, Topsy, Kabal Shadow Priest. Stuff like this is what makes Priest fun.

Shadow Madness should of been playable over potion of madness, since potion of madness basically replaces shadow madness, and that is so unfortunate.

Card draw?
Nothrshire, Pyro, Sheild, Circle combos.
Stuff like this was skill testing.

There’s more preist stuff out there, but at least Shadow Priest that doesn’t use Anduin, and actually uses un nerfed Raza, would of been so cool.

Anduin should be playing more like Valeera, which necessitates better and cheaper card draw for the class. Trip card steal combos whether that’s perm steal or for end of turn steal should be the normal reactive playstyle for the class.

Not this solitaire, which is the opposite of reactive, playstyle called Big Priest.
Period end too


I agree Wild Big Priest is stupid. I don’t want to play Mill Rogue or my own Big Priest or some janky deck that only works against Big Priest and nothing else. Resurrect is a huge long term problem. There are very few answers that don’t add to the Resurrect pool and you can’t just ignore the Barnes 1/1 because it will just ram into anything and come back with full stats for 2 mana or 4 mana in the worst case. If you manage to punch through the 4-6 2-4 mana fatties you then have to deal with 7 mana make 4 fatties 2-4 times. Its Stupid because only Mill Rogue has the tools to deal with that BS by not giving Priest the Resurrect pool and burning all their cards. Its too the point where every time I queue wild its another Big Priest and I am sick of it.



For once I will go along with you, since I play NA Wild.

The solution is the same as most other combo deck over the past two years. Slow it down, so it’s bad matchups become atrocious, and the borderline matchups become bad. You can be specific in your posts and ask to nerf Barnes and Resurrect to do that.

But I have no clue how you nerf the endgame without changing more than twice as many cards as in any other deck in HS history.


I think a major reason for that is the cost of the deck. Odd Paladin was OP and was nerfed becsuse most players just starting out could reach top ranks with spending little to no money. With Big Priest I believe its an even bigger issue but the Devs realize you either grind for years or open your wallet in order to create one of the most over powered/ over played decks in hearthstone history. Why would they want to nerf a cash cow?

I hate big priest but the Devs only see $$$ and that is why they choose to pretend like there is no issue. Unless BP starts pushing a good majority of hearthstone players to leave then nothing will be adressed. Conceding everygame won’t change a thing. Sadly I see no resolution to the problem.


With regards to matchmaking, If this is true how did I go from rank 20-5 with only 3 losses?


I am usally around 4-5 then lose when i use my climb decks.But in rank 5…complet diffreint situation.I still get 4 wins then 4 lose and on and on.I tryed switching decks…but no effect.