BG'S hp nerf is crippling the game

i have over a thosand hours put into this game and ive played it since the mode has been out, never before have i played where in almost every lobby there are only 3-4 people remaining on turn 9/10. this whole hp nerf putting some heroes at 35 hp is absolutely ridiculous, by turn 5 people are smacking others for 12 and by turn 7 the player will have like 6 hp. i understand this whole hp/armor nerf is a new thing they are testing but good grief this is tilting. if u get a hero thats decent/good u have sub 40 hp/armor and if u dont get lucky tier 1/2/3 minions very fast you will lose ur tempo and die very soon after. 1 example is by turn 7/8 i had golden baron, frog, mcaw reborn, and 4 sewer rats. i had that by TURN 7. thats a board that will last till turn 16.