[BG] This patch made me decide to quit, GG blizzard

Over the years I’ve had fun with battlegrounds.
If I just wanted to do something low key, I would play it.

Some patches were a bit better, some a bit worse.
When the buddies were introduced I was stoked, it brought a lot of new ways to play.
The tavern price cost being upped meant the rush to level 6 was curbed.
It was a great patch.

And then you brought us patch 23/23.2.
Nagas were fun to figure out, but soon it became the sole meta.
Buddies were removed ,which meant the rest of the game took a step back to the previous meta, which we already played before, thus boring. And then you lowered the tavern tier costs again, bringing the level 6 rush back.
So with patch 23 the game literally took 2 HUGE steps back into the past.

I waited for patch 23.2 to at least fix naga, but that didn’t happen.
23.2 was just a weak attempt and didn’t change anything.
Nagas still have 200/200 and 100/100 in the end game.

I played Reno jackson today, got a wraith weaver turn 1, made it golden. got 2 more wraith weaver. spammed demons. at the end I had 2x 100/100 wraith weavers.
and those come with the inherent risk of self damage or 1 slot of your board filled up.

The last guy had nagas 200/200, 100,100, and some 50/50’s. 0 risk. yeah it takes some slots, but the naga tier 6, which he had golden, buffs all nagas, thus eliminating weak points.

and everyone has a golden T6 naga misteress. which is odd cause how often do you actually get a T6 golden? amount of golden fellbats I’ve had I can count on one hand, and even then they don’t give as much stats as the naga T6.

So that’s it. I quit.
Perhaps I’ll be back when you decide to move forward instead of backwards.
and hopefully blizzard decides to make actual good games again instead of money grabs like mobile games.


15 posts lol, who are you?

amount of posts does not invalidate my opinion


Can I have your stuff?

yeah sure, I’ll send it by postcard


people responding are just being d!cks, nagas broke bgs it isn’t fun when every finishes with naga in first place.

I godrolled lightfang with 2 amagadons nope you lose because someone else godrolled naga and that build just craps on everything else right now.

the only none naga build I managed to win with recently was poisons murloc ! I don’t play this game nearly as much as I used to and the main reason is blizzard can’t balance for …


Maybe someone who doesn’t takes all his free time to write 3k+ posts on a forum ?

  • what does it have to do with how unbalanced this meta feels ?

Jokes aside about dusting all your cards etc, this really is the best move to make, and checking patch notes from time to time to keep up with what they’re doing with the game.

i could never get the hang of BGs myself, but i hope they get all their game modes on track and draw in more people and bring older players back in that may have stepped away.


It always does when a new tribe comes in. It is broken at first, but when it reaches a month later. It becomes unpopular overtime.

It’s not just the tribe, it’s that they literally undid changes that made BG more fun to a previous point where it wasn’t as fun.

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Good post. Bringing forward a few good points with which i mostly agree.

Naga as a tribe i think are a step forward in design. It is a much more interesting tribe then for example dragons which really dont have anything interesting behind them.
But the removal of buddies and the reduced tavern cost in the end was a step back i agree with that.

Naga probably is still slightly op though that doesnt really bother me all that much personally. It is the game itself which does feel less interesting for many heroes. And the good heroes with eco (and tess) that can triple into a 6 still all go for the same single one card orgozoa,which has not been adressed properly at all.

Not taking a break yet but i cant see myself playing this for 4 more weeks. The rush of beeing adicted to playing that i had for the past 2-4 weeks is gone.

If they made orgo give a random card,then it would still be better then djini (which isnt that bad of a card at all).


Let me guess, since I don’t play Battlegrounds. The stat nerfs to the Nagas did absolutely nothing because no one gave a capo about their base stats, at least not the late game ones that got nerfed the most on that front. The only Nagas that got a nerf that actually hit their scaling was Critter Wrangler and Tidemaster Athissa, and it just too small.

Did I get it about right?

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Whether or not Naga are too good, complaining that demon tier 1 units got out scaled by tier 6 naga stuff is ludicrous. Demons suck at scaling. Of course they’re smaller than an endgame build in another tribe.

Spot on, althought they did change the tier of one naga from 3 to 5

Interesting how people seem to focus on the naga part a lot, my beef with taking the whole meta 2 steps back is a lot worse imo then some tribe balance.

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Same on the meta point. If players are just going to complain every time they try to introduce something to help with balancing heroes then they should also stop complaining about heroes going back to either being trash or broken op.

hes somebody whos back after quitting less than 24 hours ago!

what’s the point of seeking attention from strangers? he never posts here but somehow, the world needs to know he decided to quit OMG

It’s a discussion forum you’re supposed to post to garner attention so you can have a discussion. You’re just being a prick by trying to invalidate someone else post simply because they don’t post enough.

If you have a gripe with the ‘attention seeking’ see your own post history.
Fix the matchmaking plz
A very interesting character
70 packs, no deathwing
When are they going to fix battlegrounds?

You make the exact same ‘attention seeking’ posts, yet have 185 times more than OP under your belt. We don’t need to know about your “very interesting” encounter, or your unlucky mercenary packs. You literally have also made a post complaining about battlegrounds.

You’re just being a dick, having more posts doesn’t make you or your opinions any better.

EDIT: forgot to make this a reply :confused: meant to be a response to above comment


ow no, I’ve uninstalled HS.
Just here to talk with the responses


i regularly post, i don’t do it once a month just to say “OMG IM QUITTING!!! YOU MUST KNOW IT”

it has nothing to do with me the merc mode is p2w or if bg are nothing but a rng fest