Battlegrounds Season 2 Preview Event

Battlegrounds Season 2 Preview Event

Come watch your favorite content creators explore the magic in Battlegrounds Season 2.

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this sounds Exciting. i think the New legendary skins, strikes and emotes will be the most magical thing Hs has ever made in its entirety

did they pay to get to pick form 4 heroes ?

Nope, they will show us the demonstration how to buy the pass. Can’t do that if they already had it :smiley:

We beg you please, make 4 heros as default!

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So now its Immortal Hearthstone . . . you guys are freaking greedy w@#^es now. We have to BUY the choice for 4 heros now. We can’t earn it by playing since you’ve killed the gold and now have some horrible new currency that you can only purchase with real money.

What’s more your new leveling path experience is only earned by placing top 4 in a game which you’ve now made MUCH harder for F2P players that can’t spend money on the four hero option. It’s official . . . Battlegrounds is Pay to Win.

I cannot believe how greedy you’ve gotten. You guys suck!


I think “people” who can’t spend 5$ a month on their favorite game don’t belong here.They should leave and start working or studying in order to be able to earn money for their favorite game and not worry about 5$
the game can spoil people’s lives, they are not able to spend $ 5 on entertainment, and the game takes away their time without allowing them to develop

What did the event show us?

How to open our wallets and input our CC info?

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Has nothing to do whether or not we can afford it but rather the fact you can’t make the choice and they don’t offer any other ways of earning experience or currency.

Blizzard actively advertises the game as free to play but makes it SO hard to win, advance or do anything but to buy your way through the game progression. This isn’t game design, its taxing under mis-representation. It’s shady, dishonorable and greedy.

The company had built its rep in the early days with great game design, great play and amazing storytelling and offered it all at a fair price. Now they are going the way most companies in this country are which is give me your money and we will give you a product that is almost passable.


It’s not even a game, it’s a mode within a game that makes millions :
It’s also a mode that calls himself free to play :

Battlegrounds will remain a free-to-play mode, with more free rewards than ever before.

You put quotes on the word people, but don’t forget f2p players STILL PAY, but with time instead of money.
In a f2p game, you CHOOSE to “donate” to the company or not, by buying shiny bling-bling. You’re never forced to do so, but you do it because you feel they deserve it, and you’re free to choose when and how much.
What they did is predatory, not even talking about today inflation in the world.
Yet you feel the people who can’t pay are not worthy to play? Just wow. Cheers to all the poor people, cheers to all kids who don’t have a cc, and “make it rain” for hs!

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Looks like someone leaked the banter form the board room meeting minutes.

Yeah, if only.

Hey team 5, ask the HoTS team how well that lootbox and tons of different currencies worked out for them! Their esports and everything else are going strong!

Oh wait…

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Casual mode always was p2w, or grind for months to get 1 deck, which may become no meta in couple weeks. Now it’s not popular. Classic mode, which could have been supported by adding old DLC to it, and pleasing your old fans, who would have feel nostalgia, and would have had the ability to craft classic decks which they were unable to afford back then. But you haven’t done so. Now classic mode is dead. And you turning BG into casual P2W trashcan. Thank you very much! Worst devs, any game could have. Unfortunately, learning from your mistakes - is a feature of smart people, not greedy…