Battlegrounds force lose?

Is there a force lose in this mode?
I hit rank 4000 and cannot get further.
No its not me, its the battle grounds literally refusing to allow me to get a victory after i get around 4300.
Been happening last 5-10 games now where it literally seems like the game is trolling me with the picks, and rerolling, like the game is literally trying to not give me anything meanwhile for a good 5 turns meanwhile every other person has some godly plays going on at turn 3.

I know this is prob frustration, but its enough to get me to think about not playing anymore after my 6th LOL WTF IS THIS games ive had.

Edit- 10th game in a row this game is laughing at me.

Have i falsely thought i was actually good in early levels or is this game balanced for 50/50 win.

I’d say it’s entirely RNG. I too had loss streaks - but I had win streaks too. Have patience. Stay calm and focused. Don’t let the game manipulate you.

Remember that the loading screen for the game is a slot machine graphic. And just like slot machines in real life, most of them dont pay out, so either accept the reasonable number of times you wont see a single useable minion to purchase for many turns in a row as normal, and the seemingly impossible high rolls of someone getting triples all game and consistently getting their tribe the entire time, as someone else getting their long due wins, then you will have a good grasp on things. For me, it helps to think that whoever is getting the haxxor rolls compared to my laughably horrible tavern rolls has had 10 games prior to this one where they got rolls just like I am currently. It doesnt help me play any better, but it makes my frustration and anxiety over the OP loss I get to endure a little less of a sting.

The game is designed to match you with other players of your skill level. As you climb in ranks, you will be placed in lobbies with better and better players, eventually reaching a level where you should be winning and losing about 50% of your games until you improve your game. There is RNG involved, but a large part of the skill in battlegrounds comes from being able to work with the RNG to build the best board you can.

I’ve been struggling with this at 6k. Prior to the addition of quests or shortly after it I could climb (with A LOT of playing) up to just shy of 7k however i’ve played the past 2 days and I have probably made it into top 4 about 1/10 games literally.
I feel like the quests are ruining battlegrounds a bit now - they provide too much variable on the trigger amount and power-up provided and from what i gather it’s random.

since the quests, its gotten even worse.
I’ve had a steady climb to 7k with reasonably challenged opponents and luck and this game is very much fixed around the quests.

As of the last couple weeks, this game is a serious patience test.
Steady 7-8th place every other game.
Games were the tavern obsoletely refuses to give anything of use for several turns in a row. to just then be placed against last place, who has an insane warband somehow. i really dont understand this game.
From what i understand the game is fixed towards a select player before the game starts, its just up to them to pick the obvious.

Im too struggling with battlegrounds, but there are many YT videos, wich have many tips on BG. Like Kripparian, Shadowbunny, Rdu or Dogdog. I got a mega boost and the most valuable 3 tips are:

  • economy is fundamental - like on turn 3 is important, if you cant buy 2 you can always sell and level, turn 4 buy 2!
  • dont play all cards on turn 3, wait for the quest on turn 4, maybe you get 1 or 2 proccs for your quest.
  • prefer summoner units or reborn early, it helps prgression of avange and quests