Battlegrounds – Lich King Temporarily Disabled

We’re in the process of temporarily disabling The Lich King in Battlegrounds due to an unforeseen issue. We’re expecting to get the issue fixed and have The Lich King reenabled in our next major patch. Thanks for your understanding.

Update: It’s going to take a little longer than originally anticipated to disable the Lord of the Scourge. We expect The Lich King to no longer appear in Battlegrounds matches within the next ~24 hours.

reduce the rate of Venomous Scorpid in arena

I… don’t think that’ll work…

Funny that this “unforeseen issue” works not only with The Lich King. Every temporary buff is affected. They would have to close BG completely.

Quick question, what was the bug?

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When you gather a triplet the buffs become permanent.

Did this do something to the servers? Because I can’t log back into the Blizzard app… my internet is clearly working just fine.

Similar stuff happening to me, but sort of different. Just that I keep having to reconnect is all.

I can’t even log into the the app.

If you give reborn to a minion and then you gold it, you obtain a permanent reborn minion

Lich King is the only hero that gives a temporary buff during Recruit phase.

oh so this is what it means when they say battlegrounds is in Beta!

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Don’t forget about Tough Tusk and Groundshaker.

They said hero, not minion…