Battle net tag change suggestions


What about " 'Tis but a Scratch".
It symbolizes your incredible resilience as a manly warrior man, while also referencing the manliest fighter to ever grace the Manosphere: The Black Knight.

Also because armor.
Face is the place. But hitting your face hurts aggro players’ souls.


Impossible! im 11224.


wtf ??? what are the odds of his random number being the same as a poster.


To be exact the odds are 1 in 7


How so ? He could have chosen any number between 1 and infinite and he chose exactly your ID, 11224.

I don’t see how that’s 1 in 7.


it doesnt matter as long as I am confident in my answer then others will definitely believe me.


Well, I don’t believe you.


The odds are in fact 1 in 7, I did the research


But did you research the research and cite your sauces?


The answer is 1 in 7. I could give you the formula used to arrive at this conclusion, but only a mathematical genius would understand it.


Aw, but MVPM is how we all come to know you!

But Wardrum is right, something like AngryWarriorMain would work splendidly, and none of us would have to relearn your name because of how much ti speaks to you!


How about BigLarge


GLHF (not a name suggestion) Good Luck Have FUN


My number is…


and my current rank is 9.

I am as low as it gets. sigh


My older account has 2xxx while this one is 1xxx.


12 is the limit, my name was supposed to be 1 character longer.


Go for a Manly man


You could go by the mighty mill house manastorm



Because whats manlier than that?


Don’t change, you have the 4 number #_ _ _ _ battle-tag.

Which seems to be hard too get, unless you make a very strange name.

But if you don’t care about that, I personally am fan of simple short names.

Most manliest video-game name I can think of:

  • Northstar
  • Kenshiro
  • Gorehowl
  • Barbarian
  • Jiren
  • Broly
  • Axe
  • Tiger
  • Warrior
  • King

Something like that…