Battle net tag change suggestions


Okay so the name MVPM has been a username I used for many games ever since I was a child. But I have been growing tired of it for a while and I am no longer a kid so I need a manly man name so I can prove to others I am actually a manly man. I just found out today that appearly you can change your battle tag for free but only once. So I need to get this name change right. I thought why not get the forum’s suggestion?

I was thinking of changing it to something funny like “Rank 20 Police” or something, but the problem with that is the joke doesn’t work as well as I want to when I decide to play another blizzard games. It just sounds stupid. Plus jokes get outgrown quick, so it probably won’t be as funny when hearthstone dies.

I also thought of a cool name . The name “Fire bat” is both simple and cool and that gives off a threaten vibe when playing against them in hearthstone. So I thought of a couple of names with “adjective+noun.” (I guess fire is not an adjective)
“Paradoxical Void”- Cool, edgy, might not be taken but maybe a little bit too edgy and complex
“Troublesome Tiger”- Alliteration, cool name, might be taken

I thought about doing a person that has a cool position, like any of the clones from star wars( but they are probably all taken.
Commander Wolf
Captain Rex

Bad names- (DO NOT GIVE ME)
Dragon_slayer_32601- I don’t want numbers nor underscores unless it’s part of the name

The Black hand of the void- too complex, give me simple

Wardrum- what kind of person names their username Wardrum? DO NOT GIVE ME.

What do you think? I need a new name and need brainstorming powers.

(If you take any of my names I am coming after your family)


The very best kind, that’s what.

I wouldn’t even if you begged.

I think something like FilthyControlWarriorMain works well enough.


I wouldn’t change it just because your name is in the 1xxx’s

Newer accounts are in the 10xxx’s even in the 100xxx’s +++

So I like having a low number because it shows how old your account is.


Like the amount of characters?


The # attached to your name.


If you notice newer accounts are all in the ten thousands ++

So it shows how old school you are, although some people may not give a sh!t


oh really they change your numbers too? Ah, nvm. No name change I guess.


of course it will give you a new one and it’ll be a very high number trust me

for some reason I like having a fairly low number.

I wish I had Bee#1


I’m not sure about that. This one only goes back like 7 years and I’m #1200.


7 years is as old as it can get.

make a new ‘‘Wardrum’’ account and see for yourself what number it gets :slight_smile:

Share the infos when you’re done please


Okay, now I’m confused. Does that have something to do with the Bnet revamp from way back when?


I checked, my alt which was made like 2 years ago have 5 digit numbers. All the people who are new to the game on my friend list did too. I am not changing. #1120 is good for me.
Dodged a bullet there


All I know is the older your account is, the lower your numeric ID is.
I’ve never seen anyone in the hundred’s

So if you were to make a new account named ‘‘Wardrum’’ I guarantee you the number would be above 10,000.

Some people are above 100,000, especially with common names.

Though I don’t think the original numeric ID to your account had anything to do with the amount of people sharing the same name.

I don’t think there were 1200+ MVPM and Wardrum’s 7 years ago, those names feel way too uncommon.


Mine is not as old as Wardrum. I started hs 5 years ago after GvG, still got a lower number then Wardrum, I am happy about this small victory for today.


I wish there was a longer name limit. WeeWeeBojangles was too long. So i had to stick with Bojangles. Im not even being paid to advertise for them. Some of your suggestions are too long. Unless they changed the limit.


You could try to make another account named MVPM and see what number you get.

Or do the same test with a name you’d be interested in.


It’s interesting, I have a friend who just started playings like end of december 2018. Her battle net is an adjective and then her name #1455

(her name isn’t that common) (not that uncommon either, I would say it’s rare)

got any name ideas?

are 9 characters the limit?


Supposedly 12, but I didn’t fact-check it.


Maybe she had an account prior to starting playing HS ?


no, she didn’t even know Blizzard Entertainment was a company. (Unless she’s lying to me…)


Hmm I dunno then.

Her name is probably very uncommon.

I couldn’t find anything on how the numeric ID are attributed.