Bassgil bug in battlegrounds

when bassgil sumon a minion during a combat, it chains the one in your hand.
At the end of combat, if your heroic power (like Galewing’s eastern plaguelands) or a card (like upbeat duo) triple the card chained in your hand, the card will remain chained for the rest of the game, you can’t play it or summon it with bassgil.
I have several screenshots but don’t know how to share.


Can confirm exact thing happen.

Just happened to me, exactly that.

Yep the bug is back after Quests were re-introduced. Fun to play with a permalocked triple in your hand.

well, I had this bug twice alrteady. But in the 1st game - minion was unchained after 1 bugged turn. Second game Ive lost cause of this xd so dont know if it would unchained or not.

same issue. Duo added card to hand at end of turn (would have tripled next turn), bassgill summoned it, remained chained at shop phase and couldnt play. lost.