Bartender Bob Appreciation Thread

This guy did nothing but put a smile on my face every single time I did a run, Bob is the best!


Bob is great*

not best until he lets us see the current deck * grabs pitchfork *


Aleays remove cards from deck. Bob 10/5.


Yes, I love how I can remove terrible cards I get from the beginning out of my deck!


This is definitely a better version of dungeon/monster run/hunt. More thought went into the theme. And the tavern concept is really cool and adds more fun choices to the game.

I see no reason why this needed to come out 1 month later though. I think $20 is fair (same as 15 packs you get if completing it) but the packs for a lot of players are generally useless now since the meta is already defined and some players (myself) own the entire set. C’mon Blizz. You released the expac nearly 6 months from the prior one… no reason you couldn’t release a single player expac like this that copied (for the most part) the same formula.


To help keep the game fresh. If everything came out at once, we’d get bored by this point and complain in two month’s time about how stale the game is. This came out right at the perfect time, as right about now people would be dropping off if they didn’t like the current meta/aren’t interested in arena.


So FLIP it. Make the solo adventure first where users can play with the NEW cards ahead of time in a single player format and get their 15 packs ready to open when the packs become available. At least that way the user gets to experience new cards, get some cards ready to queue up, and enjoy fresh content. Don’t cash grab the packs first.

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Your idea is good, but it doesn’t make business-sense. Simply put:
The game needs to stay fresh! Overlapping current and new expansions any further than giving us a single card from the expansion to play with with hinder how much people are playing the game.

If you still have your reservations about how they’re doing this, I urge you to allow this expansion to ride out until the next, then consider how much time were you left bored and “have nothing to do?” Would you rather you do everything in a week and stop playing the game until an entire new expansion, or have pockets of downtime in-between different events?

If I’m paying for it, I’d rather have the dalaran heist expansion in March/Early April, and the official card release late April/early May. Go ahead and rotate the cards out (or do SOMETHING) to give us a new meta.

Blizzard can VERY EASILY give the game a new meta by rotating cards out. It only takes about 2-3 weeks to define a meta anyway, so what’s the difference?

2-3 weeks is approximately a month, so you’re saying that we’re getting the new single player mode after the meta has settled. By your logic I don’t see a problem with they way they’re doing the content now.

Well here’s where I’m going.

  1. Release the solo adventure first means players get to experience the new cards (without a tavern yawn), play a fun adventure, and acquire some packs they can use to officially acquire the cards without needing to worry about wasted cash/gold/dust to basically acquire the entire set or meta defining cards.

  2. Release the official packs after, meaning players can open their 15 packs (+ maybe a legendary or two) from completing the expac over a month - not everyone can do a dungeon run in 2-3 days like pro streamers.

To me it adds a bit more value and content to a player. Also, you’re STILL cycling out cards when the solo adventure happens and while only 3 sets from the previous year are active, it changes up the meta.

So it increases CONTENT and stuff to do overall. At this point, hey the solo adventure is great. But for a lot of players the packs mean jack crap.

Your suggestion here will cause the meta to become defined in days instead of weeks, overall, it’s obvious that you simply want everything upfront.
The problem with that is that you’ll be done with this game, then you’ll go on to play something else, but that’s not what Blizzard wants, they want you to keep playing this game, which is completely understandable!

Agreed. He’s the best addition to Dungeon-Run modes since Dungeon Run.


I was so confused at first, I was like “Wait, I don’t have to fight this guy?

Uh… until we actually PLAY ALL the new cards and see them in action, the meta is not defined. The dungeon run decks give you limited choices, so I don’t see how that entirely dictates the meta. If that were the case all the beta testing, streamer reviews, and tavern brawl use of cards would define the meta before the game even starts. That NEVER happens.

I’ve NEVER seen a partial playable expansion with KNOWN rotations defined in the meta until the actual FULL set comes out and is played with full user choice of a deck.

They did though. Streamers got to play with this expansion early, and they already had an idea of what worked. We see bomb Warrior everywhere, as well as Tempo Rogue. I’d argue that because of that, the meta got discovered faster than if streamers never got to play the new expansion early.

So if they already knew what the meta would be, why not release the solo adventure first (with the cards) and the packs later? And I’m not sure ALL streamers identified it. A lot didn’t think rogue would be that great, Kripp was one of the FEW that thought bomb warrior would be a thing, etc.

What’s BS is the streamers all got to play FULL sets with these cards, while the general public got limited interaction with tavern yawns. What difference does it make? The difference I’m mentioning is at least people who invest $20 or 2,800G in the single player experience get 15 USEFUL packs (instead of buying a bunch of pre-order BS and packs on release) and a legendary or something out of it… WHILE getting new content.

You are derailing.

Once I was in the battle I realized what was going on, but when he was in the challenge screen and I hovered over him to see his Hero Power, I kept trying all sorts of things to get the game to show me his Hero Power to no avail. “I’m hovering my mouse over him but I don’t see his Hero Power, what’s wrong? (wildly moves mouse around, then hovers it over him again) WTF still not? What’s going on? (tries a couple more times)”

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Did somebody else notice that “Bob the Bartender” is an allusion or a hint towards the tv show “Cheers” from the 80s?
„Sometimes you wanna go where everybody knows your deck"
Now this song is going to be stuck in my head all day.


I love Bob! He’s so friendly and cheerful!

The first time I met him, he introduced me to the Lich King!

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