Bad decisions again and again


I like this game, I really do. But once again you guys always release one or two just terrible decisions at new release time. Statically I’m know it’s not true, but it sure feels like I play 90% Mage which usually ends one of two ways. Turn 4/5 giant into double giants, or Yogg, deciding the game one way or the other.

Neither of these are any fun, I don’t care about winning because Yogg choose me over my opponent, and it’s down right infuriating to lose because a opponent who was losing played Yogg and just won the game. Or played unanswerable giants in the early game.

I’m not quitting the game, I am however, going to probably do what I did in the bad expansion that was Rumble, go and play Elder Scrolls Legends until you fix the game, which you will, because you always screw up release with a few decks that never got play tested.


Patternstone. Paint by number stone. Reliable Number Generator stone. Yellowbrick Road stone.

You sir have pattern recognition. Now just decide if you want to play game thats all about patterns and to build decks to counter the patterns. This is what they call skill here. Its more just codebreaking. Memorize the cards and the reoccurring pattern. Than just play your card(s), the key is owning them, and then drop them when they do the usual.

The cards will be there for you and them. Now just go play an advanced game of tic tac toe.


Decent book, although I’m still partial to Gibson’s earlier work.


Yoggs puzzle box is terrible. Whenever my opponent plays it it works in my favour… Although most of the time when I play it, it works for me so I won’t complain either way.


The Hearthstone devs really need to embrace the idea of counterplay. There’s a consistent pattern among cards that get complained about the most- a lack of counterplay.

How do you get rid of Dr. Boom? Answer: You can’t. You just have to kill them before they can play it.

How do you play around Luna’s Pocket Galaxy? Answer: You can’t. You just have to kill them before they can play it.

How do you play around Conjurer’s Calling? Answer: You can’t. You just have to hope that they get a bad draw or that you somehow have an answer for both Giants on turn 4-5.

How is it that after five years of actively developing this game and making changes, the Hearthstone devs still print cards like this?


We had (enter basic, classic cards name) into our attention since long time ago. After (enter class name) became popular we decided to nerf (enter basic/classic cards name) so that the meta can feel fresh again. Now we re wondering full of excitement, how will (enter class name) do in a meta without (enter basic/ classic card name) ? Its gonna be interesting…

T5 after this expansions nerfs


Counter play isnt always about having the perfect counter card in hand. you can pressure your opponent into making plays that derails their game plan, for example.


How do you pressure a warrior that has a counter to any and every minion you can play? Beating mage is easy with aggro decks but the same deck would lose to control Warrior.


I think part of the problem there aren’t any 10 mana boobytrap cards, you kill an 8/8 giant and 100% of the time get more stats back.

they need more legendary cards that are 2/2 that cost 10 mana and just have some really powerful battlecry.

or a 10 cost card that has some kind of really impactful negative deathrattle effect…

wipe your board or better something like Majordomo, they just need more risk to balance out the risk reward mage has to take.


i think i know why is this

they play it when their side of the board is empty like they would play yogg

but if you dont have any minions all buff cards will target an opponent monster

i won several games because of this they play box and buffed a minion i had on the board and this helped me win the next turn


Just aggro them down is not counterplay. It’s playing an aggro deck.


well, to pressure an opponent you don’t have to be playing an aggro deck, but I get what you’re saying.

some decks just have bad matchups, this sucks, but counterplay isn’t strictly about having a perfect counter card for a specific situation.

if you know your opponent wants to play a specific card at a specific time, and you know it will cripple you, you should do everything you can to help mitigate the damage.

  • did you mulligan correctly?
  • are you playing around board sweepers/single target removal?
  • did you set up a board to help deal with ‘whatever’?
  • should I be trading with my opponent/are you pressuring your opponents health total?
  • how efficiently are you using your mana crystals?
  • how far ahead/do you plan your turns based on current/potential hand, board state, opponent’s potential hand?
  • have you optimized your deck vs your terrible bad (don’t even bother if your match-up is like 30-40% chance to win)?

… and again, some match-ups are just awful (quest paladin vs control warrior) and playing perfectly still won’t help… sometimes you just have to accept this, maybe switch to a new deck if you happen to be running into the same class at a rate where you cant rank. but, i would be careful when asking for direct counter cards…


I’m not asking for advice. I know how to put on pressure even when my deck isn’t designed to do it. This is strictly a criticism of the decision to print a card like Pocket Galaxy that offers no counterplay. It functions similarly to Skull of Manari, except for one very important difference. It had counterplay. You could break the weapon.

There doesn’t have to be counterplay to everything, but for cards that are as strong, meta defining, and horrible to play against as Pocket Galaxy, you absolutely better have counterplay.


well… it seems like you do need advice. mage is not unbeatable. sometimes you have to approach different match-ups with a different strategy.


Show me where i said it was unbeatable.

It seems like pros all need advice because I’ve yet to find one who wants Pocket Galaxy to stay as is.


so why do we need a counter card for pocket galaxy?


This will sound snarky, but it’s a serious question:

If you acknowledge that your perceptions and feelings don’t match the reality of the game, how do you expect them to make “better decisions” to fix it?


“There doesn’t have to be counterplay to everything, but for cards that are as strong, meta defining, and horrible to play against as Pocket Galaxy, you absolutely better have counterplay.”

I think I answered that question.