Available at the end of august

This or something like this was in the shop. At the end of July. So I go to pre-ordered the expansion; (the 89.99) bundle; but when I got there it wasn’t there anymore.

I have pre ordered every expansion from the time I started playing. Every other time you didn’t start selling them early. Why now?

  I want that bundle! 

Before anyone tries to be a jerk, and says I should have gotten it earlier. That was not possible. B/c I had to wait tell the 6th of august to pay off my Credit card, and to have the money. The other reason is I am poor.

I seen it on JULY 28TH. So I planed it where I was going to buy it today. Well this is not the end of August.

You are wrong there. “Pre release” is, as the word “pre” suggests, a sale that takes place before the release.
All expansions that have released since I started playing (and that means: all except GvG) had a pre-release sale that ended on or just before the day of the release.

“Available at the end of august”
I wonder where you have seen that.
What I myself have seen is:
“Available until August 6” (don’t recall the exact words, but something like this) on the pre-purchase offer
“Available early August” (on the packs, and on locations where you could pre-purchase the packs, to clarify that you could buy them already, but would have to wait until early August before you can open them)

Is it possible that you misread?
Or did you indeed find a text somewhere that somehow got past quality control. and I can imagine that Blizzard would like to know where this happened, so they can improve their internal procedures going forward.