Auto concede vs Druid

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So this one time I walked into a KFC and tried to order. The person at the counter then told me that they were all out of chicken. The problem with this was that I could literally see a chicken breast and a couple other pieces in some kind of warmer from where I was standing. So I pointed and the man repeated sternly that they were all out of chicken. I was about to ask him for his manager but I only got half a syllable into my question before I noticed his name badge had the title of manager on it, at which point I simply stopped talking, realized that the situation was hopeless, did an about face for dramatic effect and walked out.

So I can’t help but chuckle a bit at the idea of a KFCMANAGER lecturing people about their “incompetents.” Might be a little childish on my part, I’ve had issues with people not taking me seriously because of my username, but… lol KFC, what absolute trash of a company


That was too good. Thanks for the laugh! :laughing:

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Okay, I take it your username is supposed to be ironic in some manner then. Possibly even racist, but I wouldn’t want to presume.

In any case, I don’t see how it can be literally unbelievable for some entity to do something that you say they’ve done before

It’s called repetition and it’s annoying. It’s like they do it on purpose almost

Yikes. I’d say watch out, someone is likely to report that…but your username, post count and post clearly state you don’t care.


This thread took a turn :dotted_line_face:


Yeah, I was probably being too nice

Dragon druid is good but there’s worse stuff out there.

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Well for what’s it’s worth, I do find the Spicy Zinger Sandwich to be very delicious. KFC is pretty rare around here though.
Unfortunately, I really can’t have any food from there because I try to healthy but man it smells good!

10/10 thread!

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Imagine being b@ttblasted by words online.
Internet is not a place for you small one

Imagine being a racist in 2023.


Here’s my counter argument:

KFC is terrible. I’ve never had Popeye’s (I’m not a huge fast food guy, myself. ALTHO, someone let me try one of their biscuits from there and man it was pretty good.).

Any way, my point is your “argument” is so stupid, it’s not worth discussing. I’d rather discuss… fast food.

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Nope, I’m good here, thanks though!

Every Popeyes I’ve ever had was extremely dry, the biscuit, the chicken, hell even the mac and cheese was the wrong consistency.

Maybe it’s franchise to franchise. Again, not a huge fast food guy myself, but the biscuit was definitely good for a fast food item.

As someone with Doordash as my side hustle: this. One of the Popeyes in my area is Great, delicious food fast and a pleasure to pick up from. Two of them are so bad that I will not accept any deliveries from them.

I guess it’s actually almost the same thing for KFC except the only good KFC I know of is about 25 miles away. The one nearest to me is the cursed one from my earlier post, but all the others are mediocre at best.

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I very rarely order KFC, but my last attempt was via Doordash. I somehow accidentally ordered from a KFC tens of miles away. Thankfully, and thank God for the worker coaching me throughout the phone call, I was able to acquire a refund.

I used to DoorDash a lot, but the cost has sort of crossed the line too far now to justify the expense. I do it every now and then, but I generally use it for non-fast food restaurants, such as this Mexican place that makes the BEST street tacos.


Ohh I loves me some street meat. Delicious!