Arena Won't Load

Same problem with Arena mode.

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Yeah it does seem to be account related, Ive tried laptop and mobile, and its the same. I also switched over to eu and when i try the clicking around thing it puts me into a game with my old eu arena deck and its the same deal

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I have this exact same problem! Blizzard…help?


Same issue here. Won’t load on PC or Android.

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Yep same issue here.
Displays loading screen and nothing visible gets displayed on my screen, but I can click randomly to start a game. When I finish the game my wins/losses aren’t recorded.

I can also try and retire the deck but that does nothing.

Please fix this bug because I really would like to play arena when the scholomance comes out.


Same exact issue here, with Arena.

I can play all other game mode no problem.
No crash, just infinite loading and the only thing that is still responsive is the cog menu.

If this can help, I recently restarted to play and had a deck already drafted for arena that I still didn’t went 3 losses with.

same issue… please blizzard… we need help :frowning:

Same issue. When I hit Arena it gets stuck on main screen. The game is trying to open arena; i can scroll over my screen and see “mana curve” that is smaller than usual, I can click retire but not hit continue only cancel. I can even find the play button and play, but when i Concede it doesn’t count the game. I’ve conceded multiple times and i’m still 2 losses 1 win. For posters above, instead of quitting the game you can hit escape and go to options > misc > credits to get out of the arena.

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Forget getting into Arena, my game won’t let me past the initial startup loading screen.

The same for me, also an old deck. I played some games and it did count my wins but not my losses. I thought about bringing it to 12 wins, maybe that would fix it, but the deck is not good enough…

I’m having the same issue as well. :frowning:

Exactly the same problem as Alyja has explained.Sent blizzard a ticked to which they replied to use the scan and repair tool and if that didn’t work to report it here so here i am.The worrying thing is that it’s happening to so many people and nothing yet been done about it come on blizzard give us some insight into whats happening as because of this u are risking losing even more players.

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same problem :frowning: i can do anything but play arena on my EU account.

I am having the same problem on both iOS and PC. My neverending run is set at 4-2. I can’t remember the last time I played arena, but I’m pretty sure that it was before Ashes of Azeroth released; I typically will “freeze” a 2 loss run before a set is released to get “free” rewards from the run being ended and granting an arena ticket.

i have the same problem, when try enter in this mode this isnt load but layout is there if i found the play button i can click for play, when lose 3 times dont stop game tell me i goes 1-2 and dont stack 3 for finish this run and if i try finish with the remove button i cant click in confirmattion

Same Problem as others.

The Support Team just tell you, that you need to make a „ticket“ in the official forum.

Okay, fine! Whats next Blizzard? The issue was discovered on Friday (Last week), but what is your next steps to resolve the issues for so many users? I do not expect that it will be resolved in the next Days, but please keep us informed what you want to do Next.

exact same problem here!

Weirdly I can get wins, but not losses so now the 3-2 arena run I forgot about is like a 6-5 arena run
Too bad it was such a mediocre draft or it might be fun to keep playing on it

Same problem, please help :frowning_face:

Don’t know what changed but I’m now able to use arena again.