Arena Leaderboards Update: July – September 2021

Arena Leaderboards Update: July – September 2021

Arena rankings reflect players’ best 30 consecutive runs throughout a season.

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This is the second straight leaderboard where a large portion of the arena community has reported averages not lining up with what they had tracked in the spreadsheet.

Let me start by saying I really do appreciate the leaderboard. It gives us arena players an achievement to try and place high on there.

However, when the numbers are off (by quite a bit, as well) it makes the hard work and dedication that these players put into the game go wasted.

Both myself, and the arena community would greatly appreciate it if you guys could look into the averages and see where any possible discrepancies might be.

Some players averages are off by almost a full 1 win, others by 0.5, or similar differences, all of which are unacceptable. On the last LB, my two averages were off by 0.5 reapectively. Even the #1 NA player Veritas, reported his average being wronh despite him being at the top.

Please look into these issues Blizzard, please and thank you.