Arena as a mode must be removed immediately!

  1. Mountain, arena as a mode should be removed.
  2. The whole arena is fake.
  3. You don’t choose cards in the arena.
  4. All cards were previously generated for you. You think that you are choosing the best card out of 3 cards, but that is not the case. The machine knows which card you choose and all 30 cards that you choose were previously generated by the machine and algorithms.
  5. All your victories in the arena are previously determined by artificial intelligence algorithms, but here it is important to understand that you think that you are making a series of moves in the arena and winning, but this is not so.
  6. Your victories and defeats in the arena are already predetermined by artificial intelligence algorithms, but you will think that your victories are determined by your understanding and level of skill in the arena.
  7. The entire arena from beginning to end is under the complete control of artificial intelligence algorithms, which uses the laws and principles of quantum mechanics in its work.
  8. Unfortunately, in the arena everything is already predetermined. You just push buttons and when you get 12 wins you think you’re the arena master, but you’re not. This false feeling is artificial and specially created exclusively for you, so that you think so.
  9. Unfortunately, Blizzard has deceived us all for 10 years in a row.
  10. Arena as a mode should be immediately removed from the game as a gaming cluster for tampering.
  11. Arena mode compromises Hearthstone and should be completely cut and removed from Hearthstone immediately. I don’t know why 1,900 employees were fired, but it needs to be done and the arena needs to be removed. Some time will pass. Everything will calm down and this misunderstanding will be forgotten.
  12. New season. We go to Hearthston, and the arena is no longer there. Instead of the arena, there will be seasonal adventures with an interesting story and heroes of the alliance and horde. We will move throughout the season on an adventure map, for example, Azeroth, and receive for daily visits:
  • gold;
  • dust for craft cards;
  • several playing cards in Hearthstone.
  1. They will ask, where is the arena? The arena no longer exists and it’s as if it never existed. Nobody will notice!
  2. No one will be fired. No one will get hurt. After some time, they will forget about the arena and no one will remember that such a regime existed.

Getting my umbrella and making a batch of popcorn, sitting down in a field under my umbrella with my batch of popcorn. Getting ready to watch the weather phenomenon that for some reason is getting more and more common these days. I expect the weather forecast to update any minute now telling me what i already know that there is a powerfull monsun incoming loaded with tin foil hats.


Most of your points are demonstrably false, and anything else is all just repeats of your original opinion.

So, you don’t like arena. Fine, don’t play it. Problem solved.

You say you would like it to be replaced with new content, and new content is pretty much always welcome. But they don’t depend on each other.

Other people play arena, and they do so without affecting you in the slightest.


You’re not wrong

Click that report button and move on imo

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