Are legendary cards more common?


I recently made this new account for World of Warcraft but I’ve been playing Hearthstone as well, on my first 2 card packs I opened a random legendary and a golden Dollmaster Darian, my first thoughts were wow, thats pretty neat.
fast forward to rank 45 where I receive 3 free card packs and open another 2 legendarys, at this point I’m just scheming my evil decks to destroy rank 25 players with.

I’m now rank 40 and I just opened 5 legendarys from 6 card packs.
imgur,com/a/PQtMy85 (replace the ,com with a dot)

I used to play hearthstone back then and would only get 1 legendary every 25 packs.
Am I just super lucky or do new players have some sort of extra legendary chance


I think you were just super lucky, that happens.


Depending on how long ago you used to play, you might not have had the guaranteed legendary rule back then. Basically, you are guaranteed to get a legendary card within the first 10 packs of an expansion. That means that a brand new account opening ten packs for each of the five sets currently in Standard (Classic, Witchwood, Boomsday, Rastakhan, and Ross) is guaranteed to get five legendary minimum out of those 50 packs.