Apprentice league mm bugged

In this past week i started on NA region on this account and started climbing the apprentice league. When i was playing matches i kept getting frustrated with the fact i was going against meta decks such as aggro demon hunter, control priest, face hunter and aggro warrior. I thought to myself “wow these guys are seriously just crafting decks this early” and then i realised that some of these guys had card backs from expansions ago. This made me realise that im being matched against people from ranked when i was still in apprentice league. I have no idea how this has happened but maybe because i have a ranked account on EU servers? I have no idea but all i can say is what i have experienced. I have been playing demon hunter (as scummy it is, its the fastest way to rank up) and that i did craft cards and do some adventures. I have no idea if this affects my mmr but maybe this information might be useful. Unfortunately i cant get screenshots because i cant see opponents rank so this is all i can give as evidence.

My thanks to any help.

Edit: I am playing on ios

first off define what you mean with cards from expansions back.

they could just have crafted a meta deck early, or they could be returning player who havent played in a long time and then started again when they could get a free deck

To clarify i meant a card back but i found out the card back that he guy had was a pc one. For the other point of a returning player is not possible as they would have done the old tutorial ranks and therefore would not be in the apprentice league. It really sucks that i cannot see ranks but maybe mach history is a possibility? I have no idea if thats possible or within a regular players power but it just bugs me that so many people have that much dust that quickly that it just seems all fishy to me. I would also say that these players im up against arent playing like brand new players or very nooby but i would actually say play pretty decently. I would guess their level at like low or mid gold or something but all the things that i witness dont add up and this is my only theory. Havent added anything here but as i said previously maybe match history could give us an insight on this theory.

Edit: To also add this is from what i experienced from what i think was definitely 10+ games where i felt i was up against a complete or semi-complete meta deck (most opponents were demon hunters but they all seemed to run the optimal list with some weird cards from player to player)

Know exactly what you mean.

Started a new account recently as a F2P challenge. I noticed when I hit apprentice rank 20 and lower that my opponents became Insanely more skill full and like yourself were playing top tier decks.

At first I assumed it was the odd smurf or F2P like myself but it continues to happen almost to the point where it feels like I’m ranking in Diamond ranks on my main account.

From doing some research to hopefully give you some clarity it’s all down to the broken MMR.
You see I went from rank 50 apprentice to 20 without losing a game playing the free DH cards deck.
Now that’s 30+ wins at 100% win rate = insane MMR boost. I assumed in apprentice ranks you would only play apprentice players but this isn’t the case since the new ranked system came into effect.

So you’re not alone my dude , I’ve found it painful to play this account now and the only way to climb currently is to either grind out hard fought wins just to get to bronze 10(lol) or to queue up concede to lower your MMR ( since you don’t lose ranks in apprentice ).

Hope that helps and let the RNG continue.

So you are saying you no longer got free wins and faced opponents of higher skill as you climbed the ladder, and therefore the system is broken? If you have actual data showing that you are indeed matched vs non apprentice players then pls share it here so that the QA staff can bring it to the devs. If not then i suggest you use the community forum to share your opinions instead of the bug report forum.

Apparently if you decide to play DH for your account through the Apprentice ranks, you get matched up against decks with all the meta legendaries. Already not so easy for established players, a new player with no knowledge of the game has little room to breathe. Just don’t play DH in Apprentice ranks I guess. Then you face against a bunch of DH still.