Anyone win with desert obelisk yet?


I opened 2 now…

tried researching ideas…

will try wild druid tricks maybe

its pretty bad. solid 1/5 rating


I used it in wild for a while, but i had no success. I prefer old quest with agony deck. More fun and better winratio (at least in my case).


I got killed by one, if that counts. By standard Rogue :wink:
Survive until you get necessary combo pieces, then mill your yourself with legendary Spell, then put in Shadows of Obelisk into deck, then draw 1 card. BOOM


yea its clearly not for competitive play, only for thrills.

any druid combo is far better.

im thinking casual mode with beer for this one


I managed to pull off this combo once. In total it was: Obelisk + Elekk + Prep + Shadows to do the full combo in one turn after destroying my deck with MUE. And even when pulling it off, it took two turns for the Obelisks to kill my opponent.

It was really far more effort than it worth. Of course, it didn’t help that I only have one copy of Obelisk and had no intention of crafting another, so there was even less consistency in drawing the cards for the combo. (All of the combo cards except for Prep were 1-ofs in my deck.)


I’ve opened 3 of the g*ddamn things. Utter trash. Seriously considering dusting them, except I know if I do, next set they’ll release cards that make the obelisks part of a legend-tier deck. I can’t win at this game, literally or figuratively.


… but at the very least you are a Quaker Pimp in real life, so you are winning at something.


Haha! 15 years ago when I came up with that nickname, maybe… even then, it was mostly ironic.

I appreciate the “Adjective + Thing” style names (like yours!). My other account is AmishPlayboy. If I made a third account, what would it be, I wonder?