Any tips for Velen?

Hey, Guys.

The threadtitle mostly says it:

Do you have tips for Prophet Velen in the Anduin Books of Heroes?

The beginning always looks good for me but with the game going Velen gets a much bigger board and removes my minions one by one.
Or if not, he sometimes pulls out psychic scream.
Buffing the taunts isn’t really worth it in my eyes because of Shieldbreaker.

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Played this one lots of times with no luck, then eventually got the right draw and managed to keep buffing my minions and beat him. So just keep trying.

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Like most single player encounters in this game, pray he don’t have the good cards.

Infact, that goes for multiplayer as well.

Clueless, clueless, clueless design team.

Hey, I’m trying this for the first time, and I’m really confused. Every video I watch shows people seeing different draws than I get. I’ve played this fight something like 25 times in a row, and every single card draw is the exact same, game to game. I get the same draws every time no matter what I play, and he plays (and presumably draws) the exact same cards every turn, and it’s a guaranteed loss for me. Is this fight scripted? Why do I see other people starting off with different draws than I get if it is? If it isn’t, how can I keep drawing the exact same cards every single game?

Basically it is like every other Book scenario. They give you a threadbare deck, throw you up against foes designed to trash that deck, and then you have to rely on pure luck to eventually win. It’s just padding the content so it seems like it is worth playing (It’s not). If the game goes more than a dozen or so turns with Veleen, you are done. Might as well start over. His deck is pure Cleric Rez cheese, and is basically unbeatable in the long term.