Any idea on a release date for the next solo adventure?


Approximately a month after the release of Rise of Shadows.


We don’t know if its going to be a month like the above claims. The only thing we know at this point is sometime in may so can be the last day (approx 2 months).


In the Year of the Dragon blog post they said “The first Solo Adventure in the Year of the Dragon launches about a month after the first expansion of the year, kicking off with a free chapter.” So we can reasonably expect early May, since RoS launched on April 4 (CORRECTED: April 9) .


lifesaver! thanks Anathemos!


It goes on to say it “will unlock over the course of four weeks beginning in May.”

Also “After completing each chapter, you’ll earn three card packs from the new expansion, and for completing all five chapters, you’ll get a card back and a Golden Classic pack.”

So getting the full rewards will take all month.


This makes sense, it looks like they want to space out the “new stuff” landmarks. So at the beginning of one month we get the expansion. A month later we get the solo adventure, but it takes a month to unlock. At the end of that month, players have the solo reward (Shadow Cloak this time) to play around with — and two months after that, the next expansion drops. And also the arena draft changes every two months.

So standard gameplay still only changes every four months, but there’s something to mix up the game on a faster cycle.

( It also means if you start saving up gold from daily quests when an expansion drops, you’ll have pretty much all you need to buy the solo adventure as it unlocks.)


They have read feedback and stated they’re going to take some time on it to make it right so it won’t be like previous adventures when picking out cards. This was some time ago. A lot of cards didn’t work in dungeon run and a lto for cards had no use that was the major complaint feedback they’re responding too. So, the question of when will be “Time will tell” aka when they really feel like they have fix the problem.


I really hope it’s soon. I’m a FTP player and the new set up with the Solo being paid means I’m down the cards from those packs until it releases in full. I’m hesitant to craft missing/needed commons and rares before I’ve opened all the packs I’m going to buy from the new set.
I hope they shorten the time between in the future. I also hope it’s worth the wait and the -12 pack difference from just spending that 2,800 on packs the day the set came out. I’m definitely buying this first one but it’ll be the litmus test for whether I keep buying them each set. Usually SP is a fun change of pace so I’m hoping it proves worthwhile.


Hey guys, just a heads up:

We’ve got a Hearthside Chat coming out Thursday next week that’ll dive more into what exactly the new Solo Adventure is and when it’s coming out. If you have any questions once that’s out, I’d be happy to answer all I can!

The Great Dalaran Heist

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I really hope it won’t have another form of RNG selection screen… spamming concede for an hour until you get the totem you want to play is NOT fun


TheBadJesus — From what Chaemerix says, it sounds like the solo adventure won’t launch until May 9 at the absolute earliest, and the first paid wing won’t launch until the week after that.

If you figure on making 300G a week from quests or other rewards, that means you only need… (counting on toes) 1600 gold in the bank on launch day, and you’ll have enough to unlock each wing as it opens. So if you have more than 1300 in the bank now, you can spend the excess on packs.

(300G/week seems pretty safe if you do all your dailies, since the typical quest pays 40-60G.)


How about you just tell us that in a week there’s an announcement about an announcement that announces that we’ll be waiting til the next announcement about announcing the following announcement. Or better yet, how about a release date since is way overdue anyways.


Thursday?, oh my, so next week won’t be adventure available ? god…


Nope. Just announcing another announcement.


Yeah, it’s not that it would be too hard to gather the gold, it’s that doing it the way you suggested really cuts into the gold I’d have to buy packs on release day for the next set, plus then I’m in the same situation next set, having to save up for the next Adventure. I’d be down 28 packs on release day from having used that gold on the previous adventure plus down the 15 packs I’ll eventually get when the Adventure finishes releasing. That’s just about halves the packs/cards I’ve been used to having access to for decks during the time right after a new set releases.
I think it’s better to just stick with how I’ve been doing it: spending all my saved gold (except now holding back 2,800) on set release day and from that point on begin saving everything for the next set. It probably works out about the same either way, but either way it’s less packs and a lot longer before you get access to them.
I’d just like the time in between to be less. Overall it’s no big deal and even with less packs now Blizzard is still pretty amazing with how much they allow me and others to get and play with for absolutely no cost. You can’t beat it.


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Release date confirmed! The free wing and the first paid wing both launch on May 16, with wings 3-5 launching once a week after that. (So the last wing should be launching on… June 6? June 6.)




With announcements like the “dalaran heist” video, blizzard shouldn’t even question why they lost 3 million players last month.