Alleria Windrunner Hero Set Pricing

The Alleria Windrunner Hero Set was added to the in-game and web shops yesterday with incorrect pricing and purchasing options. Today, we’ll be updating the Hero Set to the correct price of $9.99 US and also making it available for purchase for 1500 Gold. It may take some time for the pricing to update across all regions and platforms.


“Incorrect”, for sure.

It was a -feature- experiment.


Why would they backtrack an experimental pricing scheme? They haven’t really done it before. And don’t say “bEcUz OuTrAgE,” this wouldn’t be the first time Blizzard does something unpopular without walking it back.

Shh, let me keep my tinfoil hat.


what happens if i payed the 7 bucks for it?

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You get to keep it, or get a refund