All standard decks missing cards?


Did i miss something in the news? After the patch all my 18 decks show that they have 23/30, 28/30 cards in them and only allow to autocomplete them. Which cards are missing and why?

UPD: ok, restart fixed that…

Collection Manager shows erroneous incomplete decks
Whizbang problems

I had the same behaviour.
All my decks (standard & wild) had missing cards , excepted Whizbang the Wonderful of course.
Checking them one by one fixed it.

That’s just annoying.


Exactly the same happened to me. If I open the deck in my collection, it fixes itself.


Now I just logged in again and had some bizarre results: The two decks that I had “fixed” by opening them in the collection manager are now “unfixed”; i.e. they appear to be missing cards again.

But all the other decks that still appeared to be missing cards (last time I looked) are now fixed!


Same for both me and my bf, last night his decks were incomplete but mine were working (restart didn’t help, he had to view them all individually to “fix” them and closing the game re-broke them) and this morning now mine are having the same problem.


Same here very anoying


same here, please fix this


Wow. So it took a whole day to push a patch out to iOS devices and then all my decks are incomplete.

I don’t care what other people say about you Blizzard. You ARE a real gaming company.


My BASIC HUNTER deck is the same way … and I don’t know how to get it back to what I added originally – it’s literally the one deck I haven’t altered in any way because I actually LIKE the mechanics of the original cards! Can someone help me put this deck back together to the default without me losing a level 24 Hunter?! (Just a list of the cards from the vanilla Hunter deck.)


So now i will have to do additional restart after every patch?


(Edit: It’s happened AGAIN. 6 of my decks were hit - but going to “My Collection” sets them right again. … BLIZZARD, PLEASE FIX THIS BUG!)


Funny thing is, if you go to play mode, choose the deck and confirm to auto-fill the rest, it actually auto-fills the cards that are missing.

My guess is, that the cards you mass-disenchant after opening a pack or more, the cards you put in the decks are disenchanted and they aren’t replaced with other copies of them.

Next time I have a chance to test it, I will look at which cards I was supposedly missing after mass DE and which cards have been replaced with random fillers.

This happens all the time and it began with after the patch before the sn1p-sn4p patch. So, like 2 patches ago.

Decks appearing incomplete on login since Mech patch

same here since 1 Week! no solution no answer, whats wrong?


funny thing is I’ve been around for a few patches now, and it’s only happened within the past week or so. Either way, “My Collection” seems to fix things. And I’ve made a habit now of writing down EXACTLY what cards I have in each deck, and cross-checking them against that list EVERY DAY.


Same here…
Everytime I launch the game, random decks show missing cards.
Just clicking on one of them in my collection seems to fix the problem, but do I really want to do that EVERYTIME I want to play HS ?
Here’s a hint : NO.
Please fix this !


Had the same thing happen to me again -no surprises-. I had made a control shaman deck and went outside. Came back and found that 2 cards were missing.

Cards that were missing are 2 Hexes. Game filled a Rockbiter and Lava Burst in Hexes’ stead.

It goes without saying, that my hunch of cards disappearing due to mass disenchant is easily disputed after this, given that you cannot DE Hex.

Small Indie Company at it’s finest.

P.S. Another thing to note: The only golden copies I have put in deck are Hex. Maybe the game is discarding golden cards? This definitely needs to be fixed.


It’s an annoying bug for sure, but no cards are being disenchanted or removed.

If you go into the deck editor, click the deck to edit it, then OK to save it, it will be fine. (Until the next time).
No cards are actually missing, the only thing wrong is an internal counter for the deck that is updated incorrectly.


Do not click auto complete… it will replace cards in your deck with others. So make sure you go into the deck editor to fix the bug.


Devs have never been able to completely fix the issue with the “new cards” counters. Doubt they’re smart enough to fix this either.


garbage gaming company. just a simple notification on bnet saying we are aware and are working on it. that’s all.