After extensive research, I have ranked the BG tribes in order of strongest to weakest

I have played each tribe once with a friend (including tribeless minions) and due to us being probably equal to the best Hearthstone Battlegrounds players that exist currently, one game was enough to conclude that the tribes are ranked accordingly.

Murlocs > no tribe = mechs = beasts = pirates > Dragons

This information was gathered by both playing one game as the same chosen minion type only and discovering in which place we finished at the end of the game. Values that were not taken into account were certain builds such as pogos or that one demon guy that buffs his health based on your missing health.

My vote for dumbest post of the day…


one game is no where near large enough of a sample size. Minion pool minion attack pattern for a given game as well as many other effects change it. Even what hero you are playing changes what tribe order is the best. Even what others are picking changes the value of the tribes to do better access to cards you want.

You further show no stats.

You have no where near enough data to show your conclusion as unless presented you have 0 data you cant claim to have data without showing it. While 1 game is not enough. You dont even mention at what rank you where playing this is a big factor as not knowing unknown how the player players where likely picking and as such further makes your data just bad.

Def one of the dumbest posts of the month not only day.

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if this is a scientific conclusion, then you wouldnt mind posting the data used to reach this conclusion?

He did, man

That’s the data. All of it. Solid.

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That’s not data that’s a statment of procedure.

Data is numbers and results not what they did to get them:

This is clearly a humor/bait post, for anyone replying with indignance.

It might even be a dig at the people who post other such claims in earnest with little to no research/qualification to back it up, or I may be overthinking it.

Either way, I was amused.


Doubt it if it was a dig at others would have to be clear enough for those people to understand that it was this is not.

If it was humor or bait would norm pick something that is overdone so it’s clear your doing that such as hearthstone being rigged would be far better response.

So I think it’s legit him being that dense. If he was trying the above well all the worse for him rather than successfully doing the above he only made himself look dense thou giving other Mabye a laugh as they thought that.

  • the whole first paragraph is sarcasm/trollbait:
    "…due to us being probably equal to the best Hearthstone Battlegrounds players that exist currently"
  • it’s a new account
  • he rules Murlocs as strongest with anything else below

Someone angry about losing to Murlocs in BG (prolly several times) wrote a rant veiled as a (stupid-reasoned) “research paper”.



To be fair, Murlocs are a bit problematic at the moment, imo. Murloc dominance and Eudora, those are the two big problems I want to see addressed in BG currently.

Just too much lol.

This is how I imagine blizzard play testing some of the things they have released recently, too.


Dragon can win against fully stacked murloc with Ghoul to break murloc divine shield and Nadina.

But good troll, I appreciate th effort !

“Murlocs are OP in BGs” isn’t overdone?

No where near the same as rigging, as far as being overdone goes. While as that statment has some truth to it not a great bait as can have real discussion. It’s not really overdone when there is truth to it enough to debate as still accurate even in the current bg fourm.

Rigging posts without anything to back them up not only are overdone but have nothing to back them up and are just false till someone manages to show something that shows it to date never has.

None of which changes the fact that “Murlocs are OP in BGs” is an overdone topic, even if it’s both factually accurate and not as overdone as other topics.

For that matter, even entirely facetious posts about the game being rigged end up often sparking real discussions, so it’s unclear why the amount of truth in a statement has anything to do with whether it’s been overdone or not, or whether people can. Use it as a starting point for a discussion or not.

Thanks man, glad you have some wits about you!

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what a bad game, man!