Add auto squelch

You know it’s the right thing to do, right?

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And Yet this thread is completely pointless. Yes, we also have recommended it, but its basically called “Deal With It” by the devs.

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I’m not playing this game anymore, but I’ll keep making this request every now and then until their company disappears, which I think will happen soon.

They can’t they fired the people that do that kind of work. We are never getting any QoL improvements.

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Nah, at some point Mr Don’t You Have Phones will find some way to get ChatGPT to do all of the coding for autosquelch on its own and then we’ll get autosquelch without Blizzard spending a dime on human labor. You’re spot on about the firing though.

But I digress. The point is that autosquelch is the beginning of SkyNet.

MTGA added this feature.

But Blizzard’s selling hero portraits to people how like to force others listen to their emotes. This is their major source of income so they won’t change.

That’s a weak excuse for why they don’t add auto-squelch. Nothing short of muting yourself stops you from hearing own emotes and for all you know your opponents already manually squelched you. They don’t do it because they are lazy and cheap.

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For the 10,000th time I’ve seen this…

I personally think that players shouldn’t play a game where a cartoon character saying something triggers them.

I cried laughing reading a recent thread where a guy said he ripped his laptop in half due to being triggered by emotes.

However, I do think they should add it, because I’m nice like that.

Yes, please add it. I don’t need it but other players who want it should be allowed to play how they want.

About 22 years ago I was playing StarCraft and someone countered my zergling rush with firebats and that freaking noise that the firebat attack makes is just so annoying, it made me so angry, just that same noise over and over, I don’t think I’ve ever been angrier. I screamed a scream of pure undiluted rage that I never thought would end and then I blew up world trade center building 7

Poe’s Law disclaimer: this post is sarcasm, I am not terrorist. All I’m really trying to say is pics or there is no laptop

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I threw a Packard Bell speaker whilst trying to load 32 floppy disks of Dungeon Keeper onto my windows 95 PC unsuccessfully 10x . Does that count as a hate crime?

Not yet. But eventually SkyNet will track you down and cancel you for that.

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Even if someone had the data proving they’re wrist is permanently unusable due to the fact they have to move their mouse to the opponent’s face, right click it and left click a bubble to the left ALONG WITH the lawyers who got the woman who sued McDonald’s because of hot coffee paid, I’m sure there will still be no auto-squelch.

Either don’t be so tilted by a bubble with words or simply turn it off each match.

Actually, the majority of players who spam emotes don’t do it because they want to see them. They do it because they want their opponents to see them at least once. Now I know some will say “But deck trackers have auto-squelch built in them”. True, but how many players use deck trackers? Obviously if there are still posts about this topic, then not many use them.

Yeah and? Even if auto-squelch was built into the base game there is no way of knowing what some random opponents settings are. For all you know everyone is already squelching all of your emotes with or without an auto squelch feature or everyone is already hearing all your emotes despite an autosquelch existing. You won’t know unless you are there with them.


the most fun thing i do every day is to spam emotes until i get squelched. i’m joking.

is silent words

these people are making a big deal over silent speech baloons

they can mute the dialogue but the speech balooons are still there and for some reason the ylose their minds over it

Now I want a feature that tells me if the opponent has me squelched or not. If I’m going to say “thank you” three times before lethal I want to know I’m not wasting my effort.

It’s all about the tilt

At this point, when this post is made, I just assume someone lost a game and someone clicked an emote on the opposite side of the board