Achievement points back to 0

I haven’t check my achievement for a while. When I did that after latest patch, I found that my achievement points are back to 0 but it shows i finished lots of them. And when I do the new one the points count from 0


Try relogging. Sometimes my Achievement total shows 0, but after I exit game and restart it shows the correct amount.


I used the have the same bug intermittently, but now it’s persistent. I have been 0 pts at every login this week, despite right now sitting at 20 after completing one. If I reglog, I’m back at 0.

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I have the same bug. Sitting at zero. Get an achievement for 4 poisons on a swine blade. Got to 20. Realize i’m AT 20 and go wtf mate? Relog. Back to zero. Hopefully this bug doesn’t mess up my points because i actually enjoy earning them and considering I’ve quit WoW, this would probably be the straw that makes me quit Hearthstone as well.

That bug appear to be back with the last patch… Blizz, any update on this?

Aye, my points also got reset back to 0. Relogging did NOT help, nor a reinstall. It is keeping count as it is not resetting back to 0 as I’m at 820 but I was 10k-11k before the reset.

Today, first time ( after long time absence ) I launched the game and I had got about 3000 and more achievements points (golden/enterprise dust).
But then 1 hour later the game was frozen so I have closed it and launched it again…
And I have found 0 achievements points!!!
This is really a shame

It’s happened again today… WTF

Even after the latest patch for Mercenaries all my Achievements are stuck at 0% and my Achievement score in the upper right hand corner on the Desktop version of the app does not update or only updates sometimes. It’s currently stuck at 20. I’m assuming it’s still tracking it but I have no idea.

Same here. After earning a few point in Mercenaries Mode and resetting my computer, it was “briefly” updated with the new grand total, indicating that things were being tracked. However, it all quickly turned into 0% shortly after.


Same problem.
I’ve tried “like” button, but i want Blizzard to fix this.

I had this problem for a long while, but it now finally appears resolved. Earned about 110 point along the way. Not sure if anything I did helped to fix the issue. Many logouts and checking the status of my Achievement points…


same for me, just noticed :frowning: