Achievement "Friend of a Friend" is bugged (solved)

The achievement “Friend of a Friend” is bugged. It says you have to play 16 different buddies in the battlegrounds mode. However, no matter how many buddies you play – either with the E.TC. Bandmanager hero or with other heros – the achievement does not progress.

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I confirm it didn’t work for me 2 times :(((

still doesn’t work BLIZZZZARD!!!

Please fix this Blizzard. I have 99% completion for the battlegrounds game mode, missing only this bugged achievement, and you know how frustrating that is :wink:

Also bring back Chronormu!


new patch, still not fixed. Why?

still not working – plz fix!

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After patch 26.4 the bug disappeared. Now you can play 16 different buddies with the hero E.T.C. (doesn’t have to be in the same game) to get the achievement.

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