About this lag again

Another thread since nothing seems to be done about it. Nor that blizzard recognizes this as a problem.
It has been speculated that blizzard is somewhat fine with the lag because it limits apm builds in BG.

But if that is the case,then would it not be much easier to simply cap the number of plays or buffs or hoggar triggers that you can have in a turn. Similar to how certain buddies where limited in their turn effects.

Lag just feels like such a poor way to create balance.

I will just give up on this game untill lag is fixed. I really dont want to but its just to much to deal with and still have fun. Like the fun is in the playing,and the playing is impossible. You can not finish your turns and do everything you want to do.

And its not only with pirates. Its also with a hero like millhouse. Its the most fun hero by far but he is unplayable because to much to do.

Have you gone into the options menu and turned your framerate to high?

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Although, might that cause more lag? It’s hard to say whether this is a frame rate issue, a connection issue, or a device issue (or a combination of those three).

Lots of people have been complaining about lag since they implemented the framerate option, which for many folks is defaulted to low. Changing it to high wound up smoothing it out for everyone I’ve seen mention those issues.


This happened to me. I thought my PC was melting down. Didn’t realise there was an FPS option in the menus for a day or so. I posted about it here as soon as I figured it out.

Helpful posts don’t get attention though.

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It’s new with the most recent patch. Until then, I had to edit a game file manually to get 60FPS on my phone and tablet.

Thx for all replies and suggestions but they do not solve the issue.
Its not only me,all streamers experience the same. Some are even avoiding going for certain builds because impossible with the lag.

Anyway i wont post about this anymore. Blizzard should know by now (not from me but from the streamers) so its up to them how important they find it to fix this.

set it to high day one, but there’s still definitely much more lag since naga were added to BGs. Even went into the file to uncap the framerate, helped a bit but still laggy.