About Nerf Drek'thar

Blizzard kill this card. Why didn’t nerf more tolerant?

Battlecry: summon one minion from your deck that cost (3) or less.

I think it will be better.

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That’s… that’s what the card does now. It summons one minion that costs less than Drek’thar, instead of two.

Yes, but it might actually he useable without the deckbuilding restriction.

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Wouldn’t it be arguably op tho? Not saying every deck would run him, but I think most decks that run 2+ cost minions would run him just because he would be a decent pile of stats for the cost.

The condition did limit his usage because there are a good chunk of cards in 4-5 Mana Slot that fill certain archetypes.

Probably, but it’d be worthy of being a legendary at least.

Maybe make him recruit just a 1 or 2 cost minion.

Easiest solution would be to have him summon 1 and draw 1.


Yeah summon one and draw another would’ve been a good nerf, it’s pretty much unplayable now.

They made it useless.

Alliance players (Vanndar) stay winning.

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The alliance always wins. Smart me!

It’s like real Alterac valley, does nothing while there is a terrain exploit into the alliance base for 15 years.

As soon as there is a horde base exploit everything gets patched the same week.

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