A Petition to continue the Blizzard Game service in China

Astonished by the recent news “Blizzard to suspend game services in China”, as a loyal Chinese Blizzard fan, I am here to raise a petition to continue the Blizzard game service in China.
I have been a Blizzard game fan since 90s. I have played all serials of Starcraft, Warcraft, Diablo, WoW, Hearthstone and OW. Through the games, I have found not only the fun, but also friendship, memories and of course the game characters being built throughout the years. There are tens of millions of Blizzard fans, like me, in China.
The damage done to Chinese Blizzard fans due to the suspension of game services in China is beyond measure.
The consequence of ending the contract with the current Chinese partner will be:

  1. There will be a very long time that Chinese players will not have access to Blizzard games. The long waiting time could be up to years or eternity.
  2. The number of Chinese Blizzard fans will quickly diminish. The re-creation of a large Chinese Blizzard fan base will become impossible when other games take the chance to impose influences.
  3. Eventually, Blizzard games will suffer due to a lack of influence and revenue.
    Hereby, I plead with all Blizzard gamers across the globe to support the petition to continue the Blizzard Game service in China.

Look dude. I respect your actions and your thoughts, but honestly, it is rather unrealistic to believe that players outside of your country are going to support you in this petition. Get this: Blizzard is no longer the old Blizzard, it is now Activision Blizzard. Your old views about Blizzard barely applies to whoever is in charge now.

I feel bad for those on the receiving end, but do you truly think foreigners care? Lord, just take a look at the thread about this issue under Multiplayer Discussions. It’s devolved into a cesspool of politics and the right to free speech. Honestly, personal take: denying citizens access to some kind of entertainment just because of one’s views on a certain country’s government is akin to censorship itself, which defeats free speech entirely. But I guess some people just have to be a bit too xenophobic.

Surprising, right? You’d think that the whole concept of “game” and “entertainment” has no boundaries, especially when it concerns borders. But the truth is, most of the active forum posters are indifferent towards Chinese players at best. Yeah, and you don’t want to know what’s worst.

By the way, I don’t think your post should be under this topic. Community discussions seem more suitable.


Hello, I am a Chinese player. We are now facing the dilemma as you said. Indeed, the situation is difficult. In particular, accounts that originally existed in Chinese servers condense our youth. But they all disappeared inevitably. But at least we can still have memories, and it is not troublesome to register an account for an international service. Thank you for your concern and help. Good luck.

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Maybe my answer is not great enough to make you understand my meaning.But I am just a senior three student, I am not good at English.whatever,thank you

As a business i cant think of any reason any would give up that revenue stream there were certain restriction, privacy issues that could not be resolved or there may be an alternate that we are unaware of.

We dont know enough, but im guessing china rules and development has a big part in this happening. This reminds me of many many years ago when fb and google were banned.

Vpn folks must be grinning like clowns.

Wow didya create and account to vent hate towards China?
Dont think anyone is a fan of chinese policies, but how does that make a chinese blizzard player an idiot?

Rage Mode?

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That’s your assumption. The chinese are not ignorant or oblivious.

This poster is obviously just sending a harmless wish hope post, and does not deserve to be bashed.

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They already are. Not one single Blizz game these days is anywhere near what Blizz would dish out in its golden years. Oh and the gamers didn’t do that, Blizz did it to themselves. I have zero faith in Diablo IV, WoW’s most recent expansion was a giant middle finger to everything that came before it story wise, and I’ve only heard frustration and annoyances from OW"2".

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Do you realy want Blizzard to keep support that human rights abusing Country, by doing buisness with em just for entertainment purposes ? I dont agree.

You do understand that the Rights violators are not the whole chinese public right? Denying players access to blizz, is basicially reducing their rights (to play) in a way.

If you mean punishing the chinese government by reducing their revenue from blizzard, then yes. But that tiny money would not affect them as much as it would the peoples.

Basicly you are right, but i think its a good thing blizzard doesnt take chinas money anymore and visa versa.

A 4 star US general, said last week, theres a good chance we go to war with china within the next 3 years. We going to live in very interesting times, no one will care about videogames by then.