A game is supposed to bring you joy, not make you miserable

So, I and my friends decided to destroy our card collections then all the dust obtained to make sure we stay out of this predatory system. And it took some time since we were buying the big bundles all the time.
If after 8 hours of work your HS gaming session frustrates you even more, if you care more about your daily quests than your daily chores, if you are forced to play only aggro because you are F2P and never get more than 5 legendaries per cycle, if your gaming session is only about drama and rioting over the new battle pass (which is a stupid joke btw), if you are farming xp 12 hours a day, if you buy everything popping up in the store just because you bought everything before then just realize you are psychologically chained to this game (a.k.a. addicted). Delete your collection as well and move on with your stupid life. You will have no regrets, I promise.

Why is deleting effective:

  • you no longer come back to HS after card nerfs (dust for days)
  • you no longer feel the incentive to buy everything since your collection is now empty
  • you no longer want to play the game since, well, there is nothing to play with :slight_smile: .
  • you no longer care for those unofficial Blizzard employees (streamers) that have no problem with their followers being ripped off while they grind 200k invitationals every 2 months to stay silent (quick Twitch life hack: the extension “Unwanted Twitch” for Chrome allows you to permanently hide streamers and Games).

Have a good life,
A simple gamer that would rather pay 60 $ for Cyberpunk with 5 years of development than 80 $ for 4 months of development.


I still have hope. I will wait to see if they react next week (because it’s a holiday in the US this week).

If they don’t then, I will just stop logging and checking the forum and whatever and just play other games that I like that I have on steam.

For those interested in other card games, the Bazaar is schedule to come out next year and I have followed its development and I will definitely give it a try because for me HS in its current state is too much of a grind.

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