A change to magnetic


For the same reason Blessing of Kings or Extra Arms isn’t “circumventing charge.” A magnetized minion isn’t a second minion in play, it’s a buff to an existing minion. It has benefits (no summoning sickness!) but also has drawbacks (more vulnerable to removal/silence).


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except that blessing of kings can be countered/punished via secrets, minions, battlecries and are limited to 2 per deck.


except theres no downside on stuffing magnetic minions to your deck because you will always get full value for them however you use them; the same could not be said about silence cards, they are pretty much useless against certain decks and they will take 1, 2, 3, 4 slots that could be used for better cards just to counter some gimmicky decks with stupid mech synergies.


Other than maybe Lackey Rogue (and maybe Bomb Warrior?) what decks is silence useless against? It neutralizes magnetized Mechs (which by itself should be reason enough to include), it negates Murloc buffs (and/or Tastyfin draw), and it can turn Stellaris/Khadgar into vanilla-statted minions. If people refuse to use obvious techs to boost their gameplay against certain decks, that’s reasonable. But don’t come here claiming certain decks or keywords are uncounterable when you refuse to use the most obvious counters available to it.


Thats why i am saying there needs to be a punishment. A Buff card requires a creature to be played upon to get the charge effect. A magnetic minion can be played without a minion to be relied upon. It is both a buff and an independent minion. I’m sorry that logic confounded you.

In a way Magnetic should have been a palidan only mechanic given they are the class that relies on buffs given their horrible direct damage available to them. But no lets give a majority of it to hunters who are supposed to be beast and animal based… yeah lets make them the master of mechs.


charge minions can attack face the turn you summon them

magnetized minions cant


This doesn’t make any sense. If you use it as an independent minion, then it doesn’t have charge. If you use it as a buff, then it makes you more vulnerable to renewal. That, along with the fact that it only works on mechs, are the drawbacks of Magnetic.

I understand what you’re asking for (because it’s not a particularly original complaint) but you still haven’t provided a reason why the current drawbacks of Magnetic are not enough.

I’m starting to think people who complain about Magnetic didn’t play during Boomsday. Because other than Baku Warrior, all other decks which relied on mechs were pretty mediocre. Hell, even Baku Warrior wasn’t good because of Magnetic, but because of the passive from the Dr. Boom hero card. If Magnetic really was as big an issue that it demands gutting (because that’s what your suggestion would do), it would’ve been that big of an issue from the get-go. Instead, it took the Standard rotation for mech decks to be viable once more, and even then they’re hardly oppressive.

Tech silence, hard removal, or transformations into your deck. Magnetic will be less of an issue then.


Think of magnetic minions as being a class-neutral version of the druid’s “Choose One” cards. You can choose between playing a minion and buffing an existing minion. And as with “Choose One”, each of the two options is slightly under-powered; that’s the price you pay for the flexibility.


Easy solution would be, if mech is already magnetized ( already Magnetic minion on top of it) you can’t use other magnetic on it.


Your “easy solution” is to minimize the drawback of Magnetic?


Except there is absolutely no drawback on playing a magnetic minion without magnetizing it. You are just losing the stacking bonus of the added minion going face, which shouldn’t even be happening if they (the devs) were so hellbent on killing charge minions like they said they were.

However, if for some reason you cannot magnetize a minion, it only means you are doing something stupidly wrong or you just want to abuse the face damage like every other hunter does and can’t take the nerf like they should.

It’s pretty amusing how people in one hand wants to kill the rush aura of Dr. Boom but at the same time they want to keep magnetic minions hitting face the turn they are played.


Bad stats for the mana cost is a downside. Nobody wants to spend 5 mana on a 5/5. I don’t want to play Venomizer on an empty board, I’d much rather put it on a weak Mech to efficiently kill something.

Not magnetizing your magnetize minions is a poor Tempo play in most cases. Forcr Mech decks to do it and that makes them sad.


And that is why currently there is absolutely no drawback to magnetic. By forcing the player to decide to go face or play magnetic giving the opponent a chance to react to it.

I literally just played a hunter where I silenced cleared the board every turn except one minion… Every turn magnetic face… magnetic face… magnetic FACE…

It was all on me to stop him… I did 0 damage to him yet I died in the end by turn 7… FACE FACE FACE… played 2 AOE cards oh look one mech lived… Magnatize FACE…
ITS BRAINDEAD… IF THEY MAKE THIS GARBAGE THEY NEED TO CREATE HARD COUNTERS FOR IT. Its just like everything they do when it first came out it was garbage cause there wasn’t enough… then they added a few extra cards… it became OP Hunters and Warriors running rampant mech… What do the designers do…

Hey you having trouble with mechs HERE HAVE THIS 2/3 Echo mech. BRILLIANT


They did make hard counters for it. But Magnetic isn’t the real problem, which is probably why the hard counters don’t feel like enough

Bomb Hunter is arguably the best deck right now, but that isn’t because Magnetic “has no counterplay”, it’s because they have Mech based token generators and extremely sticky minions.

Magnetic has enough counterplay, it was never the problem. The problem is the current stickiness of Hunter minions and how easily they can go wide to enable their tall plays.

I’m borrowing “wide” and “tall” from 4x games, but they fit here so meh


Yes thats the problem just like druid token… There is not enough classless removal in the world to clear the board of all the free 1/1 0/2 bombs they spit out.

Let alone even if you get control don’t matter hunters have 6/6 board clear wee


So why are you calling for a nerf that completely misses the actual problem?

Also, Missile Venomizer also prevents the hunter from establishing a board and is very, very weak to silence/removal. It’s much less oppressive than you think


Hello Madmax, I’ve been reading many of your posts and you always seem to find logical approach to a problem, respect you for that :slight_smile:

Let’s go back when C’Thun and Jade was introduced. You had to build up stats to have this last punch in the face before you can take an enemy down. Now on turn 5 OTK because you left one mech on the board. I love mech decks and I love its mechanic, but sometimes stacking up to 5 mech on a single mech feels like i’m cheating. If max stack would be 1-2 people would have to think twice before they magnetize. Snip-Snap is a great card to have, but that Echo/Magnetic is a bit too much to have. They should keep on of the effect. Wild mode (can’t say about standard) is pain to play. Yes you can win the games, but if you got no answer to it in an early game turn 3-4 you are more than dead.

Second solution would be to stop mech attacking if he was magnetized on that turn. In this case that would be the most logical solution. You attack and then you Magnetize or Magnetize but you cannot attack on that turn. At least people would have an option to silence OR i have no clue how could you stop a minion with that high stats and deathrattle.

I played few days ago with a Druid. Wanted to make a fun deck to have. Named it Trees Can Talk. Many treant cards or cards that can summon them. Had few treants on board for few turns and wanted to upgrade them before I went for the face, so I played Treespeaker and turn them into deadly 5/5 Ancients. Could I attack? NO. Why? Because I transformed them. Isn’t Magnetism some sort of Transformation? It is not an enchantment. Most MTG enchantments are spells, yes there are few creatures, but wouldn’t be able to win a game(turn 5) on the same turn.

Cheers :slight_smile:


The problem with a SN1P-SN4P OTK isn’t Magnetic though. It’s the fact that you can reduce SN1P-SN4P’s cost to zero. Even if Magnetic didn’t let you attack, your opponent could still make a board so wide and tall that you wouldn’t be able to clear it without something like Twisting Nether. Again, you’re trying to fix a non-issue.

And it’s not like “dead by turn 4 if you don’t draw answers” is an uncommon situation in Wild. You’d be just as dead playing against Kingsbane Rogue with a god draw, and that deck doesn’t require Magnetic for a turn 4-5 kill.

Magnetized is a buff, not a transformation. Minions created via transform effects are affected by summoning sickness because they’re new minions. It happens with Treespeaker, and it happens with evolve/devolve effects. Magnetizing a mech onto another doesn’t create another minion, therefore the magnetized minion doesn’t experience summoning sickness for a second time. Magnetizing a mech onto another (again) is the same as buffing a minion with Blessing of Kings or Blessing of the Ancients. If these spells don’t cause summoning sickness, why should Magnetic?

For the umpteenth time: all these complaints about Magnetic are ultimately about other issues (OTK combos, sticky boards) which will not be fixed by making Magnetic useless.


I do agree that reduction is what makes this card terrible. Let them add Can’t be reduced to 0 or can’t be reduced at all. Even having 3 of em on board is a hell of a good deal. If it can be reduced till 1 not below 0 even with the best combo you need at least 7 mana to have a god value out of it. Set this rules for wild mode and save the day!