4 portraits and no mercs in 20+ packs

I joined hearthstone for the first time during the mercenaries promotion. while I did get the bonuses for having a 6 month wow sub but not spent anything on it otherwise. collected all but I believe 4 mercs but have countless portraits needed. I have 3 or 4 maxed cards hundreds if not thousands of coins on the countless mercs I only play to knock out tasks.
so I got 15 packs when the expansion dropped and bought several with the easily gotten gold from the first few reward tracks. in about 18 packs I got about 3 portraits no mercs and the rest coins. bought a few more packs and gotten one portrait. in addition to these terrible (IMO) numbers it seems tasks are less likely to give coins for mercs you need than they were before. given the reports of people not getting the mercs they paid for I’m betting they tweaked the droprates to be crappier than they were. because I do like standard hearthstone I was seriously considering keeping my wow sub that I was otherwise planning on dropping for the tavern pass and packs but since the packs don’t seem to be worth a poop and they’re making merc portraits pass track only rewards I feel like they’re pushing the monetization too far to want to support them at all. that they’re not happy enough with the ridiculous amount people are already paying for so much of what they offer.

given that I’m an adult with an IQ above 90 figure I can already surmise virtually any iteration of a response you’ll muster and save us both some energy if you’re only going to respond to be contrary.

No, droprates were not tweaked. There is an equal chance to get any merc, human brains are just more likely to remember bad outcomes than good ones. If you want to prove it, go do some data collection and show me a graph.

Too hard to believe that … I openeden at least 40-50 packs and i got all rare mercs many rare portaits 6 epic ,Mercs 2 epic portaits ,2 legendaries and 1 legendary portait …

When you finish with rare mercs it give you rare portaits instead …6-7 packs the 1 pack is epic …in 15-20 packs the 1 is legendary …thoses probability

so I had continued to open packs to nothing but coins but the very first pack after beating Rend had Edwin in it. I can’t help but wonder if there isn’t some hidden flag / trigger in there.