4 legendary out of 173 packs

This cant be real, its like the more packs you have to open the less legendary cards you get. The last 3 expansions i have opened between 160 to 175 packs. And each expansion have giving me 2-3 less legendary each expansion meaning 2 expansions ago I did get 9 legendary, last expansion i got 7, first time having 173 packs, this time I got 4 legendary cards.

Can you explain me why, the more packs i have the less legendary cards i get, and explain why i get fewer legendary each expansion. Its just a money machine for you? since you dont deliver quality anymore? Its one big rip of players cash and no return.

As one who have bought all expansions so far im really really disapointed in how you treat your customers. I hope it gives you a good laugh ripping off players. I was a huge blizzard fan but, the last years you have ignored the players and only thought about how to get our cash. Shame on you.

I have to salvage all my golden cards just to get a bit out of this expansion…

The problem is a Legendary at 40 packs, some get it in 10 or 20 pack, some have good and other Bad luck

The “rules” about legendary cards in packs are pretty clear for some time now.
You are guaranteed a legendary in the first 10 packs of every new type of pack you are opening. After that the average is 1 every 20 packs with the worst case scenario being every 40 packs.
Every time you open a pack that doesn’t contain a legendary you get some bonus chance to get one in the next pack with the chance reaching 100% for the 40th pack. (Bad luck protection works in a curve as they stated recently so it’s probably minor increments at the start which get a lot more aggressive after some point)

Going with the worst possible case (every 40th) you should have received 5 legendary cards from 173 packs (of the new expansion)
1st 10th pack
2nd 50th pack
3rd 90th pack
4th 130th pack
5th 170th pack

still sucks, its not worth it anymore, back in days you got more legendary. The expansions are more expensive than back then, and less value out of them. This was it for me, i play this expansion out and quit, specially now we need to pay aswell for game modes, its clear to see its money machine for them.