24.2 Patch Notes

24.2 Patch Notes

Patch 24.2 kicks off Battlegrounds Season 2, with the new Battlegrounds Track, Season Pass, and more!

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Still going forward with the new Runestone currency to obfuscate what people are spending huh? Guess I should have expected that.


runestones Madge Madge


This is it.
My last patch after 8 years.
In introduction, I would like to say that I support blizzard by buying the actual season pass. Sound pretty fair, beautiful cosmetics, a little xp bonus and most importantly I don’t have any significant advantage.
But putting the choose of hero in BG behind a paywall is not fair. The only thing I can do about it is posting this message and don’t play anymore.

Farewell my friends, it was a good journey.


You guys (Blizz Execs) really are determined to drain any last good will you have with the player base before Microsoft comes in aren’t you?

There is NO player benefit to Runestones. None. Period.


" * Fixed a bug where Relic of Dimensions did not draw from the top of your deck."

maybe it need a hotfix rather than waiting for the patch on August 30 ?


(post deleted by author)


battlenet >>>> uninstall


I hope that the report function has the desired effect. Above all, that enough resources are available to handle the mass of reports in a meaningful way.

We’ve been waiting for this for a long time, it’s a pity that the whole thing is being overshadowed by the drama about the battlegrounds changes.


Paywalls, runestones and brawliseums… In other words, money, money and more money. Are you deliberately trying to make players uninstall before Microsoft takes over? Constructed is a total mess after the latest patch with only half the classes being playable and now BGs is a p2w mode. On top of that, you’re implementing a new currency without anyone actually understanding why or how much it will cost us. Oh, and let me guess. There will be a new mini-set out one or two weeks after brawliseum, right?


TO MICROSOFT, blizzard is trying to ruin the game at the expense of one last drain of money. DO NOT LET THEM. They will ruin your game and player base. PLEASE HELP US MICROSOFT.


Blizzard could double their profits if they found a way to extract and export the salt from these comment sections.


the report button theyll be adding scarded you uh?


Looks good; I can’t wait to see it.

But this is exactly as it is now: You choose between two heroes, or you purchase Battleground Perks, then you get to choose between four heroes. If you’re calling about $3 a “pay wall”, then it’s always been there.

I used to see two, I bought Perks & now I see four!

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Runestone … I’m surprise it took that long before they do an in-game currency. I hate it but understand why, every transaction for real money go through an tier party like play store or other, and it cost them money/fee to do that transaction. So to have just a few runestone package for sell make it much easier to manage the in-game selling and will make less fee to manage. Also they can put tons of cheap crap for sell without having to deal with that third party fee.

Exemple imagine it cost them 75¢ per transaction via that third party in fee, how can they sell you something for a 1$ ? Not worth it if they lose 75% of the transaction. That way they have less restriction. I hate it but I can understand why.

The 4 Heroes in BG in the other hand is disgusting. Why it so discusting, imagine from now on if you don’t have a battlepass you can only Mulligan 50% of your hand. That’s exactly what they are doing to BG. Use to be available to everyone and all the sudden it’s not.


So disgusting, a for-profit company charging money for things they created.


come on, you can do a better bait than this


Imagine all the sudden you can muligan only haft your hand but if you buy the pass you can once again mulligan all your card ? Then they say it’s still F2P and fair …

That’s exactly what they are doing to BG.

So yes it’s discusting.


No, it hasn’t always been there. Tavern perks used to cost gold, which you would easily get from quests from one season to the next. So the paywall is now here. But if you ask me, I don’t think it s a big deal to choose between only 2 heroes unless you are over 10k MMR.