18.0.3 Server Hotfix

Hey everyone, We’re currently deploying a hotfix (18.0.3) that includes the following:

  • Nozdormu can no longer be summoned from Dream Portals created by Ysera, Unleashed.

  • Fixed a Battlegrounds bug where Nat Pagle, Extreme Angler could cause combat to have different outcomes from each player’s perspective.

These changes will take place on the server side, so you won’t need to download anything if you’ve already updated to 18.0.


There we go. A nice portal patch

Good progress but this is the fix we really want:


I see no point on this.

Noz being summoned by Dream Portals sometimes caused enough discrepancy between unskippable remaining portal animations and the now-reduced turn timer to completely skip an opponent’s next turn. They’d watch their own rope burn while being unable to play anything because the dream portal animations hadn’t yet resolved.

Watching your opponent summon Noz from a portal often meant you just lost right then and there.


Oh i see, but the problem is on animations, not the effect of the card. I dont like Nozdormu too, but not separate it from other dragons.


It was either them disable/alter animations or remove the card…card is easier.

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I like nozdormu. He’s a tech card in my duel paladin deck. Lol. Play quick or lose

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That’s not a problem with Nozdormu. That’s a problem with how they establish when the opponent’s turn begins. This is a lazy solution to a completely different problem.

The beauty of Nozdormu being summmoned was the opponent having to make quick decisions on how to deal with an opponent’s borad that became huge in a single turn. And often that means poor decisions.

I do not like this nerf at all.

Will we be getting full dust compensation for Ysera Unleashed due to this nerf?


Nope, the pixies already snatched all of it - for, you know, flying and stuff.


I kind of agree. They have had “turn skip” issues for a long time now and they have failed to address (completely) these animation issues.

The problem is also with Ysera. My phone almost crashes when those initial portal cards appear and I have Samsung Note 10+ with plenty of memory or w/e.

If they can’t resolve the animation issues throughout the game (idk if its client or server side, Im not a DEV) then they should hire someone who can.

Another Band-Aid on a shotgun wound.

GG Blizz


I also experience a very noticable lag when the Portals are shuffled in. My PC may be outdated by now, but you’d think a i7-6700 @ 3.40 GHz with 16 GB RAM and a GTX 1080 would be good enough to run a simple animation like that.


so instead of actually fixing Noz, you nerf ysera.

very nice, i guess HS doesn’t make enough profit to pay someone to fix this.

Just. Change. Nozdormu. Already. Please. Don’t even wait for the Classic Set revamp of next year’s rotation, just change him now. It’s been six years. This buggy useless card has caused so many problems in the past, it’s clear it just does not work. Just change his battlecry already, like maybe he adds a random Wild Legendary to your hand. That would be a much better effect for him, AND WOULDN’T CONSTANTLY BREAK THE GAME EVERY EXPANSION!

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it doesnt seem to happen every expansion

which other card interactions are you talking about i only know of ysera and her portals and plot twist with a big hand ( before the animation change to plot twist )

oh and i just got the discover bug again…hope it wont take too long for them to fix it !!!

Great change. :raised_hands:

I don’t really care about Nozdormu when it’s hard run.

The issue is when 4+ Dragons come out and the way to deal with Nozdormu on my side takes a lot of animations.

Plot Twist, Sorcerer’s Apprentice+Evocation, SolarianPrime/Puzzlebox, etc.

You could play at instant speed, didn’t matter animations wouldn’t let you.

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love the change too

i had stopped playing ysera because nozdormu can cost you the game too

it happened to me several times i get noz with a single portal and the opponent plays as many cards as they can and my turn got skiped

They are fixing the wrong thing. They should fix the animations instead. I don’t understand what’s up with Blizz that they have to create such long animations that even 15 seconds is not enough.


I completely agree. Animations are the problem. Lazy fix.


this isnt about 15 seconds not being long enough

is about eating the other player turn because of a bug