16.0.3 Update - December 12

We’re in the process of putting out a small server-side update (meaning you won’t need to download anything) to address a few issues. Please see below for a summary of the updates.

• Fixed an issue that could cause sidequests to prevent Questing Explorer from drawing a card.

• Fixed an issue where Storm Egg had Rush.

• Fixed an issue with the Happy Hallow’s End quest that could prevent players from completing it.

• [Tombs of Terror] Fixed an issue that could cause the Battle Scars anomaly to prevent the player from progressing after ending a plague lord encounter with a tie.

• [Tombs of Terror] Fixed an issue with Murky’s Battle Horn that could cause both heroes to be destroyed.

• [Arena] Dragonmaw Poacher is no longer draftable.

• [Arena] Lightforged Zealot is no longer draftable.

• [Hearthstone Battlegrounds] Primalfin Lookout has been moved from Tavern Tier 4 to Tavern Tier 5.

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Thank you for this! :smiley:

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What about Galakrond Shaman :nerd_face:?


Fix Gal shaman! Thank you

still wont matter… the issue is toxifins and megasaurs, also when you’re planing to do something with demons?

I don’t think I’m the only one who would like better communication and professionalism from Blizzard. They stealth nerf murlocs in Battlegrounds, no patch announcement on Twitter, no patch notice on login. They put in MMR changes “accidentally” without announcement earlier in the month. With a belated apology after people have trashed their rating. They put in the previous patch notes that they will be changing match up limit in battlegrounds at facing the same opponent from every other time to every third time, yet they don’t actually put that in. Please make more of an effort to not jerk us around, i realize this is beta, but you are acting like some small indie company.

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They’re trying so give them a break, at least for now?

I don’t think I’m asking for much, just better communication. They shouldn’t say they did something when they clearly didn’t, or put stuff in without an announcement. They have the ability to post patch notes on login, why won’t they use it?

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I agree that they should update the patch notes in the client at the very least.

Im looking for the patch notes of yesterdays perfomance improvements patch. Where can I find them? Is there even a patch note??

hope there’s another update for shaman today