150 Free packs? For real? Are you crazy Blizzard


I find it very, very bad that you guys are rewarding people who don’t care about the game with 150 free packs until 12th April. So I, among other players, who have been playing the game on a daily basis and spent money on the game, get nothing.

Not cool at all, very very bad. I would applaude if it would be 5/10, maybe 12 or 15. But 150? Common, not only won’t those players come back but players like me will be instigated to leave.

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Those enticements arent for you. Take your own break from the game for just as long as those people did and you might see a welcome back enticement gift too.


what have you been doing this whole time? have you just not been earning gold, have you not been doing the tavern brawls? do you not do any of the events?

maybe if you played the game more, 150 packs for people who have not played in awhile wouldnt seem so weird


This. ^^

Also, in the amount of time those people have been gone, how many packs and cards and etc have you earned just by playing? (and not even counting any purchases). Had they been gone a year and they only went off of 1 pack for every tavern brawl they missed out on, that’s 52 packs, and if they added in the reward tracks prize packs, thats a lot more. XP into gold from tracks, that’s worth a lot of packs in gold. So while a lot of us got all those in smaller increments over time, you are upset that they can catch up as a welcome back gift?

Are you also upset over people getting special offers for changing their phone provider that arent offered to pre-existing customers they already have? This isnt even remotely close to the same apples to apples but its the same idea if this was apples to cactus-apples.


they don’t need to give players who already play the game a reason to play the game. you don’t know anything about business. and no, I strongly bet that you will not quit over them giving new players free cards.

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How are people getting 150 packs?

Seems kind of lame if they are also not doing it for actual new players who have no way to get decent decks/cards.


that’s something I’d like to know to

I see those free packs nowhere :thinking:

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If I was still spending money on this game I would probably be unhappy, but give them all the free packs they want, less bots for me to play against and more noobs for me to crush. So glad I pulled the plug on spending on this game 2 years ago. Still play and enjoy the game, but for free.

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And here I thought the reward for playing the game is the fun.


Ya you would think, but so many people get so butt hurt when stuff like this happens, not realizing that if they don’t pull in new or returning players the game will fail.


You see it as a reward. I see it as a bait from Blizzard because they know 150 packs won’t take people from nothing to competitive, and then they’ll spend money to catch up the rest of the way.


150 packs is just enough to bait them to return and keep playing so they can be milked in the future. Because I believe you can make at least 2 meta decks with that many packs. Also, stop being salty about the 150 packs guys, that’s the max reward and I guess you get that for 1 year of inactivity. Only by doing your dailies and without a battle pass you still made more packs than that while “enjoying” the game.

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What’s happening? They are trying to lure players back by giving them 150 packs?

I don’t think it would be such a big deal by doing that if they also did something for players who have been loyal to the game. I do agree with you that those of us who actually put time into the game and grind out ladder and BG’s and work for the rewards should not be neglected. I think that if you’re going to give 150 packs to someone who hasn’t put the time or money into the game, than there should be something for those that do. It would be nice for Blizzard to say THANK YOU for paying an EXTREMELY OUTRAGEOUS amount of money to keep this game alive.

It does feel like a slap in the face because if you want to play on EU for example, you have to pay again for more cards. So at the very least, we should get those same perks on a different server if we main on Americas for example.


That was the nice way of thanking you for being a devoted player the entire time. You stayed, you were loyal and kept coming back over and over and so they thanked you by gifting you those rewards. How you think they should give you even more is beyond me. What you are saying isn’t them being nice. Its you being jealous and unhappy with someone else getting something you’ve already gotten.

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Btw, people saying that active players shouldn’t get the same treatment as new players are simply bad intended. There is no logic in saying that people in which literally maintain the game alive shouldn’t be as rewarded as these comeback campaigns.

These people are probably the kind of that spent too much money and nearly managed to get everything available in the game, that don’t want other active players to come closer to them by not investing the same amount of money.


Active players already got lots of freebies and unlocked prizes and so on by the virtue of being an active player the entire time. The people being given the “welcome back” gift baskets are merely a shortcut to catching those folk up. They arent getting an entire missing year of card sets in their totality, nor are they getting an unfair advantage over the average active user.
It is merely a way to A: Balance the game in a reasonable way for the returning player who would otherwise be a severe disadvantage if they couldnt use any cards that arent the current standard sets (this assumes the returning player hasnt logged into the game for over a year);
B: Gets that engine running from a long time of sitting in the driveway and never getting driven or even cranked in over a year, and by engine I mean the endorphin release of opening card packs, and by running I mean enticing that part of the brain to continue to feed it the endorphins caused by opening packs by buying more packs.

You can hit legend as free to play… 150 packs def makes a difference lol

It’s to get the players that are new or returning up to date at least a little. How do you not understand this?

This is not some type of overly complex issue.

You’re a special kind of dumb aren’t you. Gifting? People who play the game, spend their time (waste it) so they PAY in life currency for those “gifts”, grind 15.000 gold and buy the same amount of packs someone gets for free? And real money spent on anything, packs or visuals, IS anouther resource spent! And no, I do not think “balance” is the fair description. Core sets are enough to get a new player on track!

Not if they dont have anything but the core set to play with seeing as they havent logged in in over a year. That 150 packs is a way to catch them up. And I have never hit legend and Im a regular player. So while someone could hit legend as a F2P it doesnt have anything to do with the core set or not or getting 150 packs or not. It might help to have some of the current meta legendaries. That’s a fair assessment, and since they obviously wouldnt have any having not logged in in over a year, seems to me those 150 packs are enough to catch them up to the current meta either thru opening them and getting what they need or dusting for what they need.

^^^ This. What the Angel said.

Thats just false and has nothing to do with intentions. It isn’t much of a welcome back gift if everyone else on the street got one too and they never left. Its just a gift basket and the returning player just timed their return in an ideal time. The only person with bad intentions here seems to be the one driven by jealousy and greed, the ones that think everyone should get the same gift as the returning players. If you want that treatment, do what they did and take a year off the game and just listen out for those welcome back gift baskets of packs.

No, but you are a special type of rude. That was uncalled for and is just plain uncivil. I for one take a little bit of pleasure knowing that you specifically wont get the gift basket now. I dont see any redeeming aspect of your discourse that should warrant you to get it, not from your “argument” or your personality youve decided to show.