13 loss streak 1 star away from legend

I was @ D1 with 3 stars, and I’m down to D5 with 2 stars.

I’m on a 13 loss streak while being 1 star away from Legend.


Algorithm and tweaked RNG at work.


My first final boss to legend was a Jailer Paladin who happened to have the clears into Order in the Court, and I couldn’t create enough pressure with my Midrange Paladin. It was a discouraging loss, but I decided that rather then focus my attention on that, I repurposed my playing to just doing daily quests. Finished my daily which put me back at 1 star to Legend, then quit for the day. I then picked it back up the next day with only the intention of finishing a daily quest and just lucked into a final boss who was Thief Rogue who had an abysmally slow start. He conceded, I got legend.

Just keep at it, and try to promote a positive mindset and goals for yourself that don’t create unnecessary frustration.


I think their intention was to get to legend before the end of the month :upside_down_face:

Don’t worry op, you just lost 40 dust


Definitely could never be a you issue. Never.

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Also variance.

They might’ve gotten lucky on their way up so it balances itself.

Big losing streaks also happen to great players although very rarily.

Did you go on tilt and keep pressing the same deck hoping to win, or were you switching it up? Did any of them end on a concede? Did you have any win streaks on the way up?

There’s a lot of relevant information missing here that makes it impossible to provide a possible answer/solution.

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Someone hits D1 and losses 13 in a row. Yeah that is definitely not a skill issue. I highly doubt that someone can make it to D1 while being bad enough to lose 13 in a row based on their skill level. You sound like an elitist and a troll. All you people out there that act like this game involves so much skill when in actuality it is 70% RNG and 25% staying awake long enough to play enough games. The other 5% is the skill level required to operate a computer or a mobile device.

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I work at Blizz and must confess I pressed the “make this player in particular lose” button. You may have forgotten but you met me 5 years ago and borrowed 10 bucks from me. You never paid me back. This was my revenge.


Happened to me many times

Only last month, i hit diamond 1 three times before de-ranking. One of the de-rankings was 8 losses in a row. I stopped playing for 2 days, came back and got 7 wins in a row to almost put me where i was before the drop. So perhaps take a small break and come back ready to climb.

Another advice, don’t change deck. I was tempted to change deck seeing my current deck was no longer working, it was wrong (and part of my 8 losses streak). If a deck gets you to diamond 1, it can get you to legend (unless there is a patch)

I also notice that on the climb, everyone is pretty much on try hard mode, match-up get more relax on legend rank, some try hard, and some more unique decks.
For reference, last month, I went 162-143 from diamond 10 to legend (according to deck tracker)

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It’s a matter of probability.
If a player has a 52% winrate with a deck, the probability to lose 13 games in a row is (1-0.52)^13, that is 0.007%, or 1 in 14,000.

Odds are incredibly low, but with millions of players and hundreds of million games being played every month, odds are, it must happen to quite a few players, even worse.


The loss at diamond 1 3 star is one that can often lead to tilt. And tilt can lead to a pile of losses in a bunch of different ways.

I would be curious if OP played and lost the 13 straight right after the boss loss.

I normally close out after a diamond 1 3 star loss just to make sure it doesn’t get into my head.

It is almost the equivalent of a kicker missing a game winning field goal and then start missing routine kicks regularly because they can’t get out of their own head.


I feel your pain. I hit diamond 1 three times today, and immediately got matched with PriestStone each time, until I dropped back to to 2. Then it was back to Pallys and Mirrors.

Let them say what they will. For they will.
There is more to the matching than just MMR.


There is always two sides of each battle. Is that the game decides you to be in Legend or the game decides you to not be in Legend. Imagine playing mirror mode in a game mode a copy of your deck to copy of his deck. Then play it. Skill, luck, careful making decisions, careful making plays. It doesn’t matter. It matters if the game decides you to win or lose. You will get worst start but get all best cards by drawing. You will get a good start but get all worst cards by drawing. A big psychological game. Therefore the game decides who will win and who will lose. Therefore the game becomes the great decider. RNG is a being that decides.

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So be it. But as I have pointed out before:
When you play in a Chess tournament, (and I have) and reach the final round, you are not invariably pitted against the guy who beat you in the last three tournaments you entered.

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Indeed you have pointed out. I am just making the point across with more excessive detail

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So we are somewhat in accord.
What ever the matching is or isn’t?
It could be better.

We could be somewhat in accord. But isn’t matching, but it rather one way around. Is that you could be better or I. Therefore it cannot be explained, unless you have lived or I for more than thousand years or more. There isn’t a really a good reason to explain if we are in accord or not.

It really matters if we shouldn’t think that we are in somewhat accord.

lol. Well when you reach my age it begins to feel like a thousand.

But dig this: I just had to play three priests (And a Pally and a Rogue) in a row to get back to Diamond 1 again.
The matching seems pretty crummy to be so random.

Hey at least its random. Random cannot be explained. It just happens.

That is why you sometimes see me complaining about using meta decks, because it would punish me. RNG is the being that decides. That is why I tried to stop it from making it random.

Hey remember me. Last time time I’ve play st(long time ago). Call 'ya up I was also d1 and everybody was getting free legend with DH(some here speculate that) and the wise frog told me to change decks imm when I told 'ya that I kept losing time and time again, you push the I win button over @Blizzard and I was finally able to get legend with pure pally…

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