25.4 Known Issues

In Mercenaries, getting Level 30 with Arfus does not give the corresponding achievement, thus not giving the gear reward either.


Please fix the renown problem in Mercenaries: two characters can not be used in heroic mode because of the bug:

It became crucial now, when you can upgrade mercenaries further. I’ve got 4k coins on Cariel Roame. She is not Maxed.


can confirm the issue on my Pixel 6 as well. when i try to open the collection, the animation freezes and the app still no longer work. please fix asap, thx

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Mercenaries, the treasure Resilience 3 for Arfus does not function as a passive despite the description - it is activatable as a power (although useless as you can’t use it and attack at the same time) and when you attack with Fetch it does not apply the damage reduction.

I’ll put this here.

Mercenaries treasures:

  • Revealed in moonlight has no effect
  • Imp-oster does summon the Imp, but does not make it the new target.

Found a bug with Nemsy’s Bogged Down treasure.
It affects Nemsy too (I think because of Nemsy’s interaction with Boggy through Bogonomics.
Yesterday Nemsy got killed by a huge hit from an enemy Anacondra so I decided to test.
I have a video, trying to upload. For now this is what happens:

  • Heroic Ferocious Quilboar for easy testing
  • Team is Nemsy and Anacondra
  • Anacondra’s Serpent’s Bite can hit friendlies (again for easy testing).
  • Nemsy has Bogged Down 1 treasure (Enemies damaged by boggy gain +5 Nature Weakness) from first fight.


  • Anacondra > Serpent’s Bite > Nemsy > 5 damage (12 - 7 from Bog Moss 4 gear)
  • Boggy Attacks
  • Anacondra’s second hit of Serpent’s Bite hits for another 5 damage


  • Nemsy > Bogonomics > Boggy (does this interaction make the difference?)
  • Anacondra > Serpent’s Bite > Nemsy > 10 damage (12 - 7 from Bog Moss 4 gear + 5 from Bogged Down!?)
  • Anacondra’s second hit of Serpent’s Bit hits for 15 damage (!) (12 - 7 from Bog Moss 4 gear + 10 from Bogged Down!?)

So not only is Nemsy affected, it seems to stack for unknown reasons.
This also scales enemy attacks, making using this treasure against nature based enemies very dangerous!

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When I use the “Siphon Soul” treasure with Nefarian in Mercenaries it makes the animation but don’t steal the stats.


Thrall’s equipment “Ring of strength” is not working as it should in Boss Rush mode.
I have the equipment at level 15 and it should give +63 health when attacked.
It currently gives +8 health as it is in normal mode.

As this ability is essential in giving any survivability to the orc comp, this needs to be corrected asap.



I am experiencing a crash in Standard Ladder games. The game will freeze and then go black and the only fix is to restart. The same thing happens when opening the collection. Game in current state is completely unplayable for me on pixel 6.

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Two of my 3 Death Knight decks keep removing the selected hero art after I leave the game and come back in.

Heyo, some Bugs i have encountered in Mercenaries:

  • Yseras “Emerald Dream” (Ability lvl 2 and 3) where she gives a character attack, does nothing, grants 0 attack and the character takes 0 damage
  • Ysera Awakens lvl 4 does not deal the damage that its supposed to (i dealt like 6 critical damage in Felwood Aran Bounty), on lvl 5 however it seems to work well
  • I’ve defeated Rotimer Heroic two times now, and still no Equipment unlocked for Yu’lon, same thing with Kazakus Heroic and Chi Ji
  • Ysera also spawns her minions to her left side, intended?
  • Rattlegore seems to have a two turn cooldown on his third ability, but it doesnt show
  • Also enemy Tyrael still has a “TEMP” displayed in one of his skins.
  • new treasure Elemental Mastery displays not the correct damage number, after spell schools were cast (stays at 30)
  • new treasure (?) “Can’t touch this 5” after a Taunt Character takes damage restore 70 (???) Health to it. - intended, because it seems a little broken?
  • “Ysera awakens” does nothing except the animation, no damage whatsoever (lvl 4 in Netherspite Bounty), Lvl 5 Ability seems to work
  • Murloc Holmes “And the Killer is” (lvl 2) Ability does not seem to Work generally, but at least not with End of Turn Abilitys - if you try to predict what Enemy goes last, it never triggers, whether you chose the Character with the End of Turn Passive, or the Merc tha last played an Abiity.
  • Murloc Holmes Second Ability and “Devouring Attack” from Mutanus have an interaction where after Mutanus attacks and loses the devine shield from Holmes and kills another character he devours all killed characters. Shouldnt it only be the one initially attacked?
  • the Treasure “Bogged Down 6” works fine, but the Text under the enemy Character states that there is only 4 Nature Weakness for each time Boggy damaged it, the calculation should be working correct tho
  • “Book of Destruction 1” in the Highlord Omok Bounty dealt 6 instead of 30 Damage (according to text description) to my Minions. Party was Chi Ji, Baron Geddon, Cairne and Lesser Fire Elemantal from Balinda, on the other hand - in boss rush - the text matched the Damage, but was the other way around as in bounties
  • Long’Xin Task 10 wants you to “Gain 4 Health using Among the Stars” - intended?

Thank you for noticing, and keeping track of all the bugs that are being found out, and hipefully will get fixed soon!


If you Dredge with “Topple the Idol” and play “Chaos Strike” right after you won’t draw card that was dredged. And it will reorder your deck.

Pixel 7pro
not having the other issues pixel users are reporting - yet - but have a different one:

Noted since last update (2023/FEB/16)
Since update, selecting to play the battleground will occasionally result in an error stating the other player was unavailable and boot you to the menu again. Subsequently (4 times so far) the next game of any type (solo, duel, or battleground) will freeze and be unplayable within a few seconds of loading. Repeatedly restarting the game will reload the interrupted combat and freeze immediately again. The only work around I’ve found so far is to kill the application, clear cache, and restart. This has worked approximately 75% of the time.

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Man I wish I could play Hearthstone. Too bad 90% is bugged.

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Same. Only battlegrounds. Now not playing Hearthstone at all because man BG gets repetitive.

I have a problem when i’m playing in android, the app suddenly freeze and stop working, this happen in ranked and battlegrounds

Google Pixel 7 Pro. When opening my collection the animation freezes then couple seconds later crashes the game. Previous actions were unlocking Death Knight.

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Pixel 6. Crashing while playing battlegrounds, I’ve been able to grind through it by restarting the app quickly but my latest game froze consistently. I was Xyrella with a sellental token and a bristtlemane scrapsmith in hand. Attempting to play a normal Bristlemane Scrapsmith from my hand. Restarted the app 5 times and couldn’t get past this screen.

I’ve also noticed that it crashes sometimes when I try to choose a triple reward, or typically when the game animation calls for gold to splash in the background.

Please fix this ASAP.
(I paid for a season battle pass for this?!)

Days later and I still can’t play ranked because viewing collections now freezes the app. Any dev response would be real nice…

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When playing Battlegrounds with Russian language turned on, Bob (or any other Host) constantly spams “Ata” for any of the players actions.
While swapping languages helped, this solution is temporarily. This happened with the last patch.

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