Wudijoe already asking for double cast chance nerfs for rogue, devs need to stop listening to streamers

Instead of him focusing on rogue stuff that dont work like ultimates and other stuff he wants double core chance nerfed wth man. Blizzard needs to be carefull who they take feedback from.


The developers really need to stop listening to Max/Min players. They should really study how Last Epoch is designed.


I don’t think they listen to every streamer. If they did this game would be a hell of a mess.

While it’s good to take feedback from people who are generally high-level players, they also tend to think only of themselves or other high-level players.

But as for the topic mentioned, of course it’s broken. Rogues have three weapons to put that affix on (assuming they get lucky). I genuinely think the Tempers were only balanced around a main/off hand or a single 2h weapon.

It’s the same reason DD Barb is screen cancer atm.


Wudi has already give them the idea,
The seed has been planted successfuly

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in his defense wudi gives feedback about both, too weak or too strong interactions. and thinks probably more about alot of different playertypes then most streamers. Doesnt neccesary mean he is always right tho. But in this case i believe he is right, Weapon temperings as a whole needs another look, especially for barb and rogues with the extra slots.


It’s mostly this that makes it seem broken IMO. It’s like they never account for weapons being stat sticks or something.

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really man? than why is rogue the weakest class?

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what are u even on about? i just said they need to look at weapon temperings as a whole, cause it has balancing issues, for example u cant make melee abilities have higher range then ranged abilities, that would probably mean u can now stack ranged dmg affixes on a melee build since its range is that huge. Isnt that kinda absurd?

Doesnt neccesarily mean every weapon tempering needs to change, but some for sure.

right? at least for marksman. Its like the never played D2. D2 Amazon’s, once u got high enough, you never was in the midst of combat! You could easily screen clear from afar! This whole “lets put rdps inside melee mob range” is supeeer lame.

I think they listen to Wudi and Rykker too much, and Darth Microtransaction not enough.

I’m glad people are enjoying their ridiculously overpowered, heinously designed DD barbs, but the rest of us are just like…shrug wtf?

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I agree to a certain extent. Some streamers actually have good inputs while others are simply bias towards a class that they don’t even play and d4 devs on twitter sometimes eat it up.

These streamers are an acid. It’s clear that they let the classes look OP because they play 120+ hours of Diablo a week and do nothing else in life. They also influence all the people who whine about nerfs. Blizzard needs to ignore them and focus on the other 99% of players who can have fun with a powerful class even with less playing time.

OP builds and systems need to be revisited and adjusted. That is what the PTR is for: to uncover problems that need to be fixed before they make their way into the core game. Every class has OP builds or systems that need to be addressed. It does not matter who points them out and brings them to Blizzard attention as long as someone does.

No class should have a build that does the toughest content in the game in less in just a couple minutes. That is not good for the longevity of the game. I do not care whether it is Barb, Druid, Necro, Sorc or Rogue.

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It’s not a Rogue specific complaint but a general one about all the double cast chances on classes (dust devils included), those are clearly superior to any of the melee tempers. Increases damage significantly and gives more lucky hit, it’s too much compared to TB for example, faster returning blades…. Like wtf is that.


Pretty sure they are. Top players do provide the better feedback. Skill has to play major role in the game, nothing else. Not RNG, not gear… I am not saying lower skill players have bad opinions, but most of the times they really do, especially design-wise.

Blizzard should listen to everyone asking for nerfs. Even that Wudijoe guy.
Since the game so desperately needs it.


Elemental Surge is the real culprit. When you can ignore any upgrades for your damage dealing skills and only focus on boosting a damage proc that’s a problem. The fact that Elemental Surge can be Masterworked is ridiculous. It really makes the case for Uniques to be able to have their unique effects Masterworked. Just go all in on buffing Uniques and pull back on the Elemental Surge damage. Have it scale with weapon damage like all other flat damage aspects are now and make sure it can’t be Masterworked into being game breaking.

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If they asked those streamers and top players guys shold we add soundtrack in future patches in the game or just focus on other stuff all of them would tell u no arpg players dont care about soundtracks, which is completely false i play this game a lot and i love every time they add a new soundtrack or new atmospheric music. and its same with story, same with lore accurate stuff etc

Rogue (ranged) is the most difficult class in the game. You have to sweat 10 times more compared to other classes and constantly reposition yourself and actually aim at the monsters. Fixing the completely broken stuff should be a big enough nerf for Rogue at this point.

I played Rogue in the PTR for approx 30 hours (don’t know exactly because time played shows “1d”), and The Pit seemed perfectly balanced for Rogue. I was not trying to be efficient or trying to break the game. I played my favorite content for a whole week, mostly Helltides, and in the end I was still struggling in The Pit - Tier 50.

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Nerfs to things like Dust Devil and then only because it spoils anything you do in a group. Otherwise 99.99999% of the people playing don’t have either Wudijo’s skill or knowledge, case in point never heard of this double dipping until just mentioned it so respectfully, shut the eff up.