World Boss Disconnection BS

I was waiting for the world boss to spawn (pool was already in progress with the count down timer) when I randomly disconnected. I’m currently logging back on with a que time of 27 minutes with only 10 more minutes left until the world boss spawns. Good job Blizzard. You guys are trash


Same for me. :frowning:

Hopefully get one of the other attempts today

You’re playing a BETA. How freaking hard is it to comprehend, like seriously? You are here to TEST the game absolutely nothing else!

Pathetic kids nowadays man… jesus christ :open_mouth:

hard to test something when you keep disconnecting over and over

thank god you’re here defending the company from people who just want to try to experience the game. you’re a hero to us all.

You are testing the stability on the servers? Who says you have to test the WORLD BOSS ?! Come on man… please think just a little bit!

don’t feed the trolls…

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well if thts the case, then im pretty sure everyone can stop playing then lol

“from people who just want to try to experience the game” … and this is where you fail. Beta! Nothing else.

The hero the forums of sanctuary deserve. Your bridge must look immaculate!

If anyone is a kid, it’s you, obviously.

Most of us with a brain are here to test the GAME, not its servers, which completely destroys your baby IQ argument.


How hard is it to understand this is a beta and NOT a demo for you to play. Beta is for testing purposes and absolutely nothing else. Demo is for enjoyment. Big difference.

I wish I could actually care like you do. I could care less if the server ever let me back in. The game is boring and that world boss isn’t going to help it.