Windforce Rework and Multishot/Forceful Arrow concepts

Easily some of the most fun I’ve had this season playing the new Heartseeker/Victimize build even though there’s alot of jank and you can very quickly see how majority of Rogues class design clashes with it.
However, I’m making this to hopefully not get this nerfed/removed from the game but expand on basic skill builds because I think there is opportunity for even more fun and blasting.

Forceful Arrow buffs/changes

  • Lower damage than Heartseeker currently, could use a small dmg buff, and dmg per level

  • All upgrades need changed, because currently they are not good and have very little use just like the skill.

  1. Enhanced Forceful Arrow - Forceful Arrow gains 5-8% Critical Strike Chance
  2. Primary Forceful Arrow - Forceful Arrow now pierces all enemies (no 3rd cast nonsense)
  3. Fundamental Forceful Arrow - could stay the same but with proposed Windforce rework below, both would clash in that particular instance

New Aspects

  • Aspect of Multishot - Forceful Arrow gains 3-7 additional projectiles. Forceful Arrow gains 25% (x) increased damage.
    This allows us to replicate Multishot from D2&D3 combined with the above changes.

  • Aspect of Basic Precision - Precision now affects Basic skills instead of Core skills.
    Since we would have tons of piercing projectiles, we wouldnt need Victimize for clear.

Windforce Rework
Since the inception, Windforce has been in an awful spot.
It’s one of the most iconic unique Bows in the Diablo franchise, let’s continue that.

  • Affixes:
    Implicit - 40-50% Knock-back chance - moved from unique effect, allows for more unique, creative things.
  1. +4-5 to Marksman Skills - Works with builds that use core, basic and/or rain of arrows.
  2. 500-600 Dexterity - All rounder, much higher than normal, inspo from previous games, fits with Unique effect perfectly.
  3. 10-15% Critical Strike Chance - All rounder
  4. 25-30% Movement Speed - Fits the thematic of the Windforce imbuing you with wind.
  5. Unique Effect - Arrows release a small wind explosion on hit dealing x damage. Damage increased by x% for every 50 Dexterity - Stacking attributes is a fun mechanic for gameplay changing effects.
    Also easily tunable, lots of knobs to adjust.

Other more simple effects:
Unique Effect - Gain 1% (x) Marksman Damage per 50 Dexterity
Unique Effect - Gain 1% (x) Marksman Damage per 1% Movement speed

TLDR for rework:
Lucky Hit proc removed, unfun, and not thematic at all aside from knockback.
All Affixes including Unique effect changed for the better, lets make Uniques actually unique.
Took a small amount of inspiration from previous iterations like D2/D3.

Windforce VFX:
Needs a small update. This happened in D3 way later in its life cycle. It needs to happen to all Uniques period.
Apply an off-white or beige colored Wind effect (Scosglen Druid bosses have the effect im referencing) that travels along the bows limbs starting from the Riser and going to the tips of the Limbs.

Flavor text and Lore:
Can’t help but feel the current flavor text and lore is lacking.
The bow could come from a Rogue that gave up being an assassin and thief, that traveled to Scosglen to learn be one with nature and as a gift, a druid blessed his bow with wind to defend Nature and its inhabitants.

Could be a tale with no specific characters or create new lore characters for it like plenty of other uniques.
Need to expand the lore and story, thats for sure.

If anyone has anymore ideas for the topic, I’ll add them to the post if I like it.

Long post, but had to be done

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