Why people play on eternal realm?

I may need to specify I’m not here to troll, flame, discredit or whatever.
As a full time worker I spent 471 hours on S2, achieved everything in 1 week. It was fun, so I made all classes and smashed everything until I got bored, like a week after AoZ. No super powers here, Diablo IV is pretty easy so no need to be a no lifer.
I never thought, not even for a second, to play on eternal. What’s the point? You reach level 100, obtain all the items u need, kill every boss, if you are lucky enough u may be blessed with Ubers… and then what?
As I said you may want to level other classes, but why do that on eternal? We’re already experiencing an end game loop here, living on eternal seems like hell to me.

I hope someone will answer my question, I’m genuinely curious.

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Sure I’ll take the bait.

My best guess; the player whom works 40-50 (or more) hours per week, wants to come home and just play to unwind, with some semblance of progress.

I can assure you for me that if I put in 450 hours in S2 and was close to completing it, but then died due to something, anything… miss click, mouse hung up on pad, lag spike, DC, lack of sleep. I’d be overly frustrated. When I come home to unwind, I don’t want frustration. I want to dull out the noise from work, the BS, and just ‘let it all flow away’.

It doesn’t matter how fast, or easy I can rip through HC season chapters, the fact that I would have to start from scratch (and for me that encases 10.5hrs work + 1.3hrs travel + 8hrs sleep, 4x a week). it leaves 3 hrs on work days to eat, scratch my @** and play.

Maybe that gives some insight to your question. Maybe not.


Well I also play just seasson, but I assume not everyone can or is willing to spent 5,2 hours per day every day to play D4. That like all my free time per work week.

There are peoples who play like 2-3 hours per week, its really that simple.


I don’t.

However, there will be a day when I do. That day will probably be when I actually have ubers and BiS gear and just want to smash stuff without being frustrated.

Like in D3, I might play my nonseason char every now and again just because it has mostly primals and a ton of paragon so I can just go out and have fun smashing things.


people who don’t even have time to do the little bit in the season should hang diablo on the nail right away, i don’t call myself a soccer player if i have a ball in my hand twice a year, and above all i don’t demand any changes for dad gamers as has actually happened here in the forum… :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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How many have deleted the character they ran the initial campaign? Why would you delete a character you put work in?


Completing quests, glyphs that were not completed during the season.

Perfecting your characters build. Maybe you fell short during the season. This also includes (and farming) future new items coming to the game.

there are 12 character slots so, eventually I’ll keep 10 and then run one slot for seasons and one slot for a hardcore.

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Same as me, but I miss the whole point to play on the same realm when u already achieved everything !

2-3 hours per week sounds like a very little time to even consider to play a game like this. While I’m trying to wear eternal shoes and understand this choice I guess I would rather play a Single Player. That’s just my opinion so doesn’t matter, everyone is free to play what they want how they want to.

If u reach the point of satisfaction I think it would be wiser to change game and try something to be passionate about :rofl:

If I consider all the answers given on this topic I would assume that people who play on eternal have 2-3 hours per week because of work, family, whatever prevents them to actually enjoy this game… why would u ask something you can’t even play?

Im too lazy to lvl up, refarm aspects, uber items, good rare items with right affixes.

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What is the point of playing on Seasonal? Other than you have someone spin your hamster wheel faster because you only have 3 months…and then you are on Eternal.

Probably people who like to play at their pace.


Probably because anyway for average players it takes one week to reach level 100, maybe 2/3 weeks to find new items, full gear, enjoy new seasonal content with friends ( or alone ) and cooperate with lots of people in towns/helltides/whatever… I mean it’s the whole point of this game.

Ofc, not judging here. Doesn’t affect me if people choose eternal or seasonal, I was curious and since this forum is alive cause people talk with each other I thought it was reasonable to ask.

My plan personally is to play one character on seasonal and then go do other things. And recently I heard the same from someone on my friends list on Eternal, when he invited me to do Duriel.

After I am done on seasonal, I go mess around and try things I never got to on my old characters or make a new one, just to mess around.

It really came down to how short they made leveling in the game now. More likely this season when I am done in the next week, I have been 100 for bit now, but the highest NMV I can finish is 96, so as soon as I clear NMV 100, I am done. :stuck_out_tongue:
I will probably play LE or back to Grim Dawn till season 4.

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Sounds like a good plan!

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I played Diablo when it was released. I played Diablo 2 from release until around 2005 almost every day and then off and on until 2022. I loved both those games. You know what? There was no such thing as seasons in Diablo until 2013. And yet, Diablo 2 was the benchmark for every aRPG that followed.

In Diablo 4, I played seasons for the first time in my life. Pre-season I played the campaign and leveled a Sorc to 68 before getting bored when the story ended. Season 1 I leveled a Sorc to 75, also playing through the whole campaign as well as the seasonal content. Season 2 I skipped the campaign and played the seasonal content with a Lvl 100 sorc and did everything the game and season had to offer.

Season 3 I decided to skip. I have been playing Eternal realm casually and using the time to complete the lvling on both my previous builds that did not reach 100. I am exploring every nook and cranny of Sanctuary and having a good time doing so. It is fun and relaxing.

I have never been into blasting through a game in an effort to finish it before anyone else. I really do not ‘get’ people who are into that but everyone can play their game as they see fit. Myself, I do not think seasons was a good add to the genre.

The other factor is that I view seasons as a PTR to test player reaction to content that may be added to the base game: more or less a Beta test. If you are into testing new stuff that is a little rough around the edges then seasonal content is perfect for you. If you want to experience a more finished and stable version of the game then you might like Eternal where you do not have to constantly start over from scratch, you have all the items that you worked so hard to find and you can put them to use while experimenting with all kinds of builds that you may enjoy. Eternal is also more difficult than seasonal because while you get all the changes to the environment, skill and weapons, you do not get an assist from whatever new seasonal boost is introduced ie. robot.

Though I skipped season 3, I do expect to play season 4 to help test all the itemization changes and I am willing to become a beta tester again to do that.

So to answer your question: The above is the reason why I play Eternal. It is more like the Diablo games that I loved to play for the last 20+ years.


I do appreciate your honest answer and I understand your reasons.
We all are different so it’s interesting knowing different angles. Thank you!


When there is no longer seasons all there is left is the eternal!

People have different tastes, see that big open world full of lore and quests, some gamers actually enjoy that, some will never leave t1 or t2 some might they get to get lost in the game world or mabye they just dislike BP, seasonal powers and buffs and have no interest in the rewards.
S1 was like that form me, i finished the free BP and story and mad a level 80 Barb, then i actually came back and gave season realm a go with a sorc i took to 100.

Why did i came back, not so much for the hearts, but the tunnels and new monsters, This is the main reason i stick with seasons now, story and new stuff, but if i dislike a season it will be battle pass and back to eternal or break.

Not really a fan of seasons at all tbh, i just like new features powers etc

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I’m stuck on your statement you work full time and completed all season content in one week. I get up at 6am get home around 6pm. Unwind for a few min then make dinner. Clean up. Do some chores around the house. Then basically avail around 8pm to play an hour or two. So you can complete all content in 7-14 hours?

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I have wondered this same thing.

Just played the Eternal Realm for the first time yesterday since the seasons have started.

I come to realize your world map completion does not quite transfer over so well between your players that come from the seasonal realm.

Yep. Nothing much to do in Eternal that is for sure. Like with the rest of the game, once you’ve maxed out and done everything, no point in playing anymore. No point in buying cosmetics or whatever. I hope Blizzard one day comes up with different forms of end game to keep us entertained (and happy consumers buy things) all the time and/or the full season (not just for one week).

That’s your schedule, not mine :joy:
Believe me it can be done, truth be told I was free on the first two days after launch, I’ve been blessed :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

As I said I never tried eternal but that must’ve been awful to experience

I wish! I truly hope they will :face_in_clouds: