Why is damage reduction versus physical damage twice as good as damage reduction versus elemental damage?

We have read a lot about damage reduction with the item system 2.0.

One thing that is rarely mentioned is the problem with elemental damage.
It is nearly impossible to get more than 70% resistance to any elemental damage.

(Uber Unique)
Tyraels Might gives +5% Maximum Resistance to All Elements and can be Mastercrafted to 120% + 50% for greater Affix, which would be a 2.7 * 5% = 13.5% bonus.
[Increasing max elemental resistances by 13.5% would be like a 45% damage reduction against all elemental damage, which would be the most OP defensive stat in the game.]

(Uber Unique, Edit: I think it’s also a Uber Unique)
Tassets of the Dawning Sky up to 12% bonus max resistance, but need to be hit first and will maybe die before getting the bonus and no bonus with Mastercrafting.

Why is this important?
We can get up to 85% damage reduction vs physical damage, so we only get 15% damage.
With resistances we can reduce the damage only by 70%, which leaves us with 30% remaining damage.

So we get double the amount of elemental damage vs physical damage.
This is a very important part why we get one-shot a lot in the pit, because we have no real resistances.

So let me repeat my question!
Why is damage reduction versus physical damage twice as good as damage reduction versus elemental damage?

Is this the way it should work?

armor is the most important thing, why? because 90% of the damage is just physical and its hard to watch out for every single physical hit the enemy is doing. elemental damage is much more rare and we are automatically more focused on the game when we see such elemental effects. if you really want more elemental resistance, then use some skills and passives that increase the max resistance, use elixirs (but 20% life is better in most cases) or use those items you mentioned.

thats a choice you have to make and i like that you have to make a choice, rather than everyone is running around with 85% res by default

I don’t know any skills that increase max resistance, at least not for the necromancer.
There is only one Uber Unique and one normal Unique. The Uber Unique is a bit unrealistic to get and is totally overpowered with this one stat.

The other Unique looks nice, but you have to first get hit by these type of damage, in Pit boss fights this is most likely a one-shot.

And yes, you could use a potion, but which of the 5 elemental damage type should I defend myself against when I don’t know which Echo/Shadow/Boss helper will kill me?

I don’t think you should get double the damage from magical damage types, that does not sound right.

By the way, next season every time you die by elemental damage laugh for a moment, this will make the next season so much more fun for you.

Getting max elemental resistance in T4 isn’t all that difficult. A piece of gear can still drop with 1 resist, and it can be a grater affix (+25%). This means without masterworking a piece can start with 75% resistance to a single element. A few slots also drop “All resists” and with the greater affix thats 15%.

The question is, and what I saw a lot of on PTR, people do not want to “waste” the affix slot on defense instead of another offense.

You are totally missing the point.
It’s not about getting to 70% resistance, it’s about the difference between 70% and 85% damage reduction.
Getting 30% of the damage is double the damage of only getting 15% of the damage.

With armor, you are getting 85% damage reduction, with resistances only 70%.

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It’s probably to encourage the use of the Elixirs to fit the content you’re running. The T2 elixirs ones boost you to 80% (the hard cap) for that resistance.

Except you’d only get +10% due to the hard cap being 80. This means Ideally, with master working, you only hit it twice at most (ending on 9.75%), which leaves you at like 79.5 depending on rounding. as a non-Greater.

With it being a Greater Affix, it’d cap out immediately after one hit (10.5%), or naturally as it gets taken to +12.

Because it’s significantly more common? Outside of Elite Affixes, there are very few enemies that actually deal Elemental Damage in most content.

What bothers me is that it has a hard cap of 80, which can only be reached with the use of an Elixir for most classes. It’s not even a compelling choice to take that over a damage elixir. You use it when you can guarantee that you’ll need it, like fighting a boss, since all of them are mono-element and physical in most cases.

I might be going crazy but wasn’t there a Chest that added +10 to resistance caps? It would raise the caps but it was still up to what your resists were if you reached that new cap or not.

I can’t remember just tossing that out there though.

Tassets of the Dawning Sky, I mentioned it in the first post and it’s also a Uber Unique.

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Ahh okay yeah you did. Sometimes I have the memory of a gold fish. Sorry about that. heh.

That’s all right.

I even don’t know if soft capping resistances to 85% would do any difference to the one-shot mechanics in the high level Pit. Maybe there needs to be a different solution.

But I know that there are really difficult mobs with dot damage that can kill you 5 times over and you cannot heal up against it. And I think removing damage reduction makes this problem so much more visible.

But we will definitely have a lot of fun watching one-shot mechanics killing dozens of Hardcore characters in Season 4, sometimes they get visible only after the character died.

So you have to make some potions and incense to give you the Tyrael’s Might resistance increase without the chest piece.

In high level PIT boss fight, the game want you to play the mechanic like in POE. Not to eat them with maximum damage reduction.

Part of the problem with that, is that the higher you go, the more frequent the attacks from fake bosses get. It’s honestly the only challenge for most builds. It;s also just weird that it’s very low risk until the very end then it just gets much harder.

You need to prioritize moving to the opposite corner when the fake bosses spawn, the boss room is very big. Every time when I killing the boss even he has almost no HP, I still watching whether any fake boss spawn and sucker punch me last minute.

I play sorc so I have lot of mobility, I think is difficult for Necro.

The 3 red skulls which follow you where you go with lightning speed and one shoot you in AOE explode is the most difficult mechanism. You have to learn to time your dash.