Why is All the CC Back in the Game?

I hate the fact there are 2 different crews working on this game. Stuff they fix keeps coming back in successive patches. My level 91 druid spends half his time either frozen or running backwards because he’s been feared. Ofc if you actually had anyone on your team actually playing this game you’d know this.


Didnt even notice to be honest.

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No you don’t if you’re a barb


Makes sense because my 4 shouts get rid of CC.

lol perfect example the devs play Barb in season of Barb. With charge, shouts and WoTB you’re never not unstoppable.

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*Quickly walks though the thread as a barb player

For the 5 seconds I’m not unstoppable it is indeed an issue.

Joking aside, yeah it seems the old CC, on some level, has returned. Like you said different people working on different seasons. One would think it’s controlled by the server and not the ‘season’… but who knows what kind of spaghetti-code is going on…


I played a druid as well you just need to not stand in big circles and have a CC breaker. Ive maybe been CC a dozen times farming the beast but thats about it.

CC isnt a problem and hasnt been since the great nerf, people just got used to not paying attention with S2 powers.


That is most likely because of the loss of metamorphosis vampiric power from season 2. The S3 team forgot to add a “You’re unstoppable for X seconds after using this skill” power to the companion.

Perhaps next season when the good team comes back we’ll have this power again, it would be nice if it came as an aspect that grants unstoppable after evading.

I completely agree the amount of CC in this season is ridiculous. There is literally nowhere to stand 90% of the time. I’m playing a barb and I’m constantly getting frozen, feared, or melted (I only use 1 shout). I haven’t died because of it yet, but it is super annoying, in a season that for me is not exactly a winner in my book. I don’t mind the CC if it’s kept within reason, but virtually every mob/elite/boss, dungeon and overworld is just CC up the kazoo.

It seems odd that the 2 teams seem to working from 2 different branches of the base game in that, a lot of the things in season one like this, that were addressed, seem to have reverted back to the way they were in season 1.

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I didn’t use metamorphosis for the majority of season 2 and didn’t have a big problem with it (cc). Season 2’s CC left places for you to evade too and was not every single encounter you have.

I swear that some patches are built on old builds(base map layers whatever it’s called) that bring back certain things.
eg. AoZ patch.
Season 2 dropped and we had the ZOOOM Mount that no longer got stuck on pebbles.
Players could Evade and not get stuck on random stuff. Towns were SMOOTH(as I said since launch - “Smooth out the jagged and janky edges!!” because it’s so annoying getting hung up one practically every corner.
Season 2: Launch was beautiful. It’s like they did a big pass over the map and it was silky.
Towns and object edges were buttery smooth.

AoZ patch dropped aaaand… complaints about Evade & Metamorphosis - getting stuck on NOTHING rolled in.
It was horrendous all over again.
It’s as if they don’t keep track of what base layer they’re using or something. How else do things that were “FIXED” magically reappear?


The CC is heavily nerfed and barely noticeable. For example, spider nets just slow a bit instead of immobilizing you.


Unstoppable is the best status in the game. I can’t play without it.

I noticed this right away and thought maybe I wan’t remembering how bad it used to be but it definitely seemed like it went back with the constant freezing to me.

Some of the CC might be lag. I turned off cross play and control in general is much smoother. Lag and snare effects are very similar.

i’m fine i got bloodmist and CDR

thats the problem with the CC, some builds dont mind at all, some do. it’s not really fair.

They probably forked an older version from git and produced on it.

If this speculation is true, as software engineers, they don’t belong in the industry.

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But what if S3 team was told they were actually S2 and hence did the push? No one told them they were a later season until it was too late. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

druids have so much access to unstoppable. how are you constantly being cc’d?

Watch where you are stepping. Dont stand on POOPS. Your freaking pet can CC them first giving you advantage. I thought people want challenge. Who’s freaking out on mob’s CC? They are so easy to handle.