Why does this Rapid Fire Rogue guide advise taking Frigid Finesse?

I’m looking at a Rapid Fire Rogue guide at https://maxroll.gg/d4/build-guides/rapid-fire-rogue-guide, and it’s telling me that I should spend 3 skill points on Frigid Finesse, which increases damage to chilled and frozen enemies.

But as far as I can tell, there isn’t anything in this guide that actually makes enemies chilled or frozen.

Anyone know why the guide might be recommending this?

Probably another rogue pentitent boots combo.

Penitent greaves is a set of uniques boots that leave behind a trail of ice that chills mobs. That alone could trigger frigid finess.

Then, and with the aspect of Frostbitten, grenades have a very high chance of freezing mobs.

And/Alternatively, and with noxious ice, mobs are chilled even more (and therefore may freeze more frequently) if they are affected by poison imbuement.


Because it is its own multiplicative damage modifier, that is easily applied. If you run chilled / frozen in your build, you want 6 points into.

If without the boots, you can swap Shadow Step for Caltrops set to Chill. It works great in the build.

I certainly wouldn’t want my only source of unstoppable to be Shadow Clone…I wouldn’t bother with Shadow Clone but if dead set on using it I’d drop Dash before Shadow Step.

I use the vampire bat boots too, between the extra distance and unstoppable it’s pretty great. Not sure it’s worth the affix spot for that, and is just as buggy as regular evade with getting caught on terrain and double evading on one press.

Well I think it is the multiplicative bonus.

Also is it my impression or that elements aspects have cold always active?