Why cant I post in console discussion?

Not related to the game but i cant post anything in my the console discussion. My psn is linked to my account, and still I cant even click on the button to make a post, anyone know why?

Did you get it to work? I have same issue. I found this:

Yes i did thanks though. I cleared my cache like they said and it still didn’t work so I emailed support, and they did a hard reset on my account or something. Then they told me to clear my cache again and it worked.

Thanks for the reply. I tried clearing cache now. Still doesn’t work. I will investigate further. Thanks again!

Cannot post there still despite owning the console edition of Diablo 4

Same problem here. PS5 Account is linked correct and I have 100+ hours in D4. But I can’t post in console forum.

Got the same problem when D2R was released. Even support couldn’t help me. A few weeks later it worked suddenly.

Any Tipps?

Having same problem lots hours in everything verified 100% yet can’t seem to post on this FORUM unless it’s in limited places like this post!

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