Which Amulet Stats are best for Rapid Fire?

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Can someone guide me in the right direction? I was wondering which amulet would generate more damage for a rogue rapid fire build:

  1. Critical strike chance, +3 Frigid Finesse, +3 Weapon Mastery

  2. Attack Speed, +3 Frigid Finesse, +3 Weapon Mastery.

I am wondering if I should reroll the 3rd stat to critical strike chance or attack speed. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

Is it even possible to have Crit Damage on Amulet?

But he might mean crit chance.

I meant critical strike chance. Do we go with critical strike chance or attack speed on the amulet with frigid finesse and weapon mastery?

Amulets can roll skill levels and cooldown reduction as well, might be a consideration also.

So what is the best possible amulet for rapid fire rogue…after they fix the bugs. :slight_smile:

Depends what you’re missing from other gear and build. If you already have tons of crit but little attack speed, attack speed could be great. If you have plenty if both, but find yourself waiting on cooldowns, maybe reduction. If that feels good, maybe more skill points if you are lacking something there.

Wait, I have weapon mastery on my amulett but it doesn’t proc on my passive skill ??

Crit chance is useless cause you will cast rapid fire at 4 precision stacks. Attack speed one is way better.

For the amulet, Frigid Finesse is the priority. Crit should be the secondary stat on almost every piece of gear. Make sure you’re equipping a bow, as that gives slightly more attack speed than crossbow and adds crit and damage to distant enemies. Chance to double cast Rapid Fire should be tempered on all three weapons. The Ricochet passive (ranged) is also key.

Thanks Meyvn. I implemented your feedback.

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