Where is the HOTFIX?

Well they did release a HOTFIX 2 hours ago, to nerf the necromancer !! So they are working on something… just not the right thing !!


They announced (Twitter) that there will be a second hotfix in the afternoon (PDT).

Where did you details about this?

dude, chill a bit :man_facepalming: go take your frustration outdoor, breath, eat something. Then come back and enjot helltide with uber drops.

*Season 3 together with resistances revamp and the first extra stash tab
Oh wait…

HOTFIX 1 - July 7, 2023 - 1.0.4


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did u even read it??

Are you asking for yourself?
Cause a player asked for Necro nerfs hotfix and I provided the link

Wow I just seen this and proves how out of touch the devs really are, bloodlance attacked fast so had tons of numbers that’s what lagged the servers not the actual damage that falls well behind bone spear lol. I’m convinced they don’t play the game

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Came here to ask the same thing. I see the necro nerf but nothing about the uniques. At lvl 100 and well geared theres really nothing else to do besides farm for these, so knowing theyre disabled gives me no incentive to play.


they are just dumb it was a huge problem in d3 aswell, meteor mages would lag out the game every time

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haahha that’s for sure
imagine they clicking on a sigil, opening the map and not going inside the dungeon, but actually at the entrance with 2 loading screens for nothing!
I doubt they would sustain that implementation that much time if they actually played the game
(it was too hard for them to teleport players inside and give them 2 minutes invincibility bubble until the player makes any action like move, use a skill or gain XP)

Apologies, my bad. Missed the replies. Didn’t check them properly.

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I know. No worries :slight_smile:

This shouldn’t have made me laugh but it did. If you can’t laugh at all this, you’re just going to cry. Thank you.

Why are things announced through a 3rd party rather than on the Game Web Site?

Because this forum is full of trolls who don’t even play D4 lmao.

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I agree - they have a game client on PC - should as a minimum be displayed there !!

And Twitter isn’t? Lol. At least here you have to own the game to still be on the forums yea?

Where’s the Uber Unique fix?